“Shoes make the man” as the old adage goes. Yet what shoes fall under the business casual umbrella? Such a description may seem vague, but there’s no need to feel lost or intimidated. Read on for everything you need to know about the proper footwear for your business casual attire. Let’s talk about Men’s business casual shoes. First and foremost, read the room when it comes to your definition of men’s business casual shoes. I…


Khaki flat-fronted pants are the standard casual alternative for jeans. It’s a guaranteed everlasting piece of your wardrobe. Khaki pants for men are one of the things that every guy should have. In this simple guide, you will discover the beautiful story behind it and what makes this garment great, even today.

Hey, are you a businessman struggling by trying to find how to put together your outfits?

Or maybe you just want to look better but you are so afraid to fail… And have no idea why people, that are dressed well, have better opportunities in their careers.

Color helps you to grab the attention, become more magnetic and mesmerizing. And attention is money. That’s why fashion is a billion-dollar industry worldwide.

I had wanted to cut my hair here in London for a while. Going to the hairdresser is a personal ritual, which hardly leads you to choose someone else. It’s that kind of service that hardly changes.
Moving here, this was my first experience. My last experiences have been in Los Angeles and Tampa in the United States. This article is aimed at those who are looking for a hairdresser in London and are willing to receive any advice.