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10 things you’re doing wrong when dressing up

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Thousands of men in the world every day are forced to dress for some strange reason. Wouldn’t a uniform be better? Here are ten things that are wrong in dressing, let me know if you find yourself on this list! I started writing the list of things that I was doing wrong, so you should not feel alone.

Why give so much attention to clothing? Because it is a communication system widely used by the western world. The care and detail you use to introduce yourself to others shows the degree of respect that you have for yourself and for the people around you.

In this article I start with the problem and I offer some ideas and suggestions for a quick solution.

1. You do not know how to combine colors

My cultural education is artistic, I attended the artistic high school and the academy of fine arts. The color for me is something interesting because it can create a tone, an atmosphere, an emotion. The study of color is really important.

Matching colors is an art that does not belong only to those who have to dress. It is at the basis of design, and is used to create harmony and aesthetics. It is among the most powerful tools to create impact and emotion in other people. Look, for example, how nature uses color: it is an extremely important means of communication.
It is useful to know the basics of this subject, in order to exploit its possibilities. Each color can be associated with multiple colors using science and experience; with the result of a good harmony.
The subject is so vast that it deserves further study, but here are the basics.

Some information:

  • The light is divided into a spectrum of colors.
  • In light, white is the sum of all colors, black is the absence of light.
  • In printing, white is the absence of color, and black is the sum of all colors.
  • The color wheel represents the relationship between colors.

the color qualities are:

Hue: the color itself: red green yellow etc …
Saturation: how much color, is present.
Brightness: the trend from dark to light of the same color.

Get a color wheel:

Color Calculator

Choose a starting color, use the color wheel to find out which shades match well and which do not match. Yes, because color works a bit like music. Just as there is a very specific reason why the notes work together so it is important to know why two colors combine properly.

There are some schemes that make it easier to choose the main color compared to the secondary colors: color scheme Analogs, color scheme Monochromatic, color scheme with triad, complementary color scheme.


The simplest to implement is the complementary color scheme. It is called complementary, because the sum of a light with its complement results in white. Examples of complementary colors: red and green, yellow and blue.

Analogous or adjacent

Even in this case it is simple, you choose a color, knowing that the analog will be a left and right with the same radius.


Monochromatic refers to the same color, but to different saturations.


The triad is obtained by separating the complementary color from a radius of equal distance.

My advice is to study the colors so you know in advance what will work. While in the store it will be more useful if you have an idea in mind.

Here are some reading tips:

The theory of colors :

2. You do not match your belt with your shoes

Belt and shoes are elements of clothing that must be cohesive.

For a homogeneous look you have to follow this strict rule: Shoes and belt of the same color, of the same material (if possible) and of the same style.

As for the colors, the belt and the shoes create an excellent harmony: it helps to have a visual homogeneity. They are small details that create a much more professional image and outfit.

When you buy a new pair of shoes, you immediately think to pull over a belt, so it will be easier to decide later. When you buy a belt, you are also worried about shoes.

Having more shoes and more belts allows you to have a more groomed look.

There is not much else to say; for belt and shoes use: same color: same material and same style.

3. You are wearing the same shoes every day

Since there are different activities, different seasons, different atmospheric events, it is worth asking, why do you wear the same shoes every day?
For every event and for every activity it would be ideal to have a different shoe, which better supports what you are doing.

Here are some good reasons to use rotating shoes instead of always the same pair:

  • Human feet create a surprising amount of sweat. The leather shoe absorbs this sweat. Changing shoes allows the shoe to get rid of the humidity produced.
  • The shape of the shoe does not deteriorate so quickly.

4. You don’t wear leather shoes

And it’s a pity. The leather shoes (or leatherette) are beautiful and can give that extra touch
to your look.
In a single stroke you get rid of the 90s and “high school” look. Seriously, leather shoes can make your look much more interesting.

5. You wear only jeans

This is the problem: from the sixties jeans have become cult objects for generations, becoming an identifier of groups of belonging. The problem is that now it is so obvious that not wearing it makes the real difference. I do not say never wear jeans. But not always.

6. You are wearing your tracksuit every day

Kevin Mazur—WireImage

Ok this makes me laugh a lot because it reminds me of someone. I confirm that I have never had this problem (I much prefer to stay in my shirt even at home), I know some people who can not be separated.
Unless you’re Eminem or Tupac, I do not suggest you wear the tracksuit. Also, in some clubs there is a dress code to enter and they categorically refuse to do so if you have a tracksuit, despite all the money you have.

The tracksuit is comfortable, but that comfort is expensive in terms of looks and credibility. Would you ever sign a contract from a guy in tracksuit?

7. You buy clothes that are not your size

A part of the culture of Hip Hop has made a symbol of oversized clothing. There is no reason to dress extra large if you’re small.
Some people think they are disguising faults or not feeling embarrassed. But the result is that the person seems more awkward, period. There is also the opposite problem: the person wants to show you his body at all costs. For example, this is typical of people who often attend the gym. They want to show the results of their hard work. But no!

However, a style has emerged and many designers take advantage of this aspect.

8. You use wrong socks

There are few rules concerning men’s socks. To match the socks follow these simple rules:

  • The socks match with the trousers (if the trousers are dark).
  • The socks match with the shoes (if the trousers tend to a light shade).
  • If the shoe is made of leather, or you wear a suit, the sock should be unassuming.
  • You can experiment with other colors, as long as you use the color wheel. (To accentuate the thing, try to combine the scarf or the tie with the same color).
  • The men’s sock, in an elegant context, should be high above the calf.
  • Socks should be invisible when wearing moccasins, espadrilles, or low-top sneakers.
  • Terry socks can be used for gymnastics.

In any case, the rules are made to experiment, not just to follow them. Here are some interesting examples.

9. You do not use the shoe spreader

This is a really important pearl. We start from the fact that shoes cost (and a lot). Taking care of them not just during the first days allows them to prolong their duration and aesthetics.
Here is the shoe-spreader: an instrument used to stretch the shoes when not worn.
Inside there is a spring that pushes 2 opposing elements inside the shoe.

This helps to keep the right shape of the shoe: to eliminate wrinkles and micro lacerations that could form.

The secondary but very important action is to absorb sweat. If you choose, for example, a wooden shoe tree, you can prolong the life of the shoe because the material it is made of will absorb moisture and sweat.
It is therefore necessary to replace the shoe cover when the absorbing action of the wood is no longer active.

I found a good shoe spreader on Amazon at an affordable price:

10. People see your underwear

You are walking down the street, taking care of your own business. Suddenly you cross someone whose trousers arrive just above the genitals, and the underpants are clearly visible. He is not a maniac, the face is that of a boy.
You think that maybe the wardrobe has deceived him, the belt broke, he suffered some harassment. Then you see another and you understand that this is the trend that for a couple of years.

Do not feed this trend! In Florida it also became a crime, according to what we read here: link.

My list ends here, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if there are other things to add or if I have been too unfair.

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