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10 VIPs who dress badly

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Fame and riches can allow many wishes to be satisfied. Being famous does not mean excelling in everything especially if it’s style. Here is my ranking of famous people who dress badly:

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs in his work uniform
Steve Jobs in his work uniform

As much as he is loved and revered as an innovator and genius of design, he certainly has not gone down in history for his style. Reading his biography I discovered that he lived in a house without furniture, because of the indecision of what to choose.

His work uniform was a dark sweater and jeans and sneakers, not bad for one whose wealth was estimated at around 10 billion dollars in 2011.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates and the purple sweater
Bill Gates and the purple sweater

What would you wear every day if you could afford anything? This billionaire decided to answer this question with the most absurd answer, from purple sweater to mustard-colored ties.

Not bad for one of the most influential men in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg wears his favorite t-shirt
Mark Zuckerberg wears his favorite t-shirt

For those who do not know him, he is the founder of Facebook. Current owner of WhatsApp, Instagram and many other social platforms. Mark follows the philosophy of his predecessors, stubbornly wearing the same outfit every day: a gray t-shirt and jeans. The t-shirt is top quality, made by the Italian fashion house Brunello Cucinelli, but nevertheless his wardrobe remains really poor.

Not bad for mr. 57 billion dollars.

Sergey Brin

Mark Zuckerberg wears his favorite t-shirt
Mark Zuckerberg wears his favorite t-shirt

What is certain of this gentleman is his IQ, in fact he is the co-founder of Google together with Larry Page. What is doubtful is his taste in dressing, presenting himself at important ceremonies in outfits that are not very sought after.

An example of this is the meeting with the president of Israel, Shimon Peres: the two are confronted on various topics. Sergey’s outfit is absolutely forgettable.

Not bad for a rich man that is worth 49 billion dollars.

Al Pacino

The Italian-American actor Al Pacino is well known for his blockbuster titles. He is rightly considered one of the best actors ever and some of his characters have entered world history and culture.
What you can not understand is why he neglects so much outside the scenes, wearing jackets and pants with crocs.

Keanu Reeves

Idol of my generation, I loved it during the movie The Matrix. Keanu is still at work and churns out films every year. On set it is impeccable and definitely a sex symbol for women. Outside the set is all beard and baseball caps, topped with torn pants.
Perhaps he wants to camouflage?

Roman Abramovic

The Russian businessman, owner of the Chelsea football team, has a rich fortune to decide on his clothing, which however is not exploited much.

here we are in the Italian sector:


J-ax is a well-known Italian singer-songwriter, famous for having founded “Articolo 31” in Italy. J-ax comes from a hip-hop background that is not a genre of music famous for its elegance.

Max Pezzali

Max has always been the man in a hat and a checked shirt. The problem is that the trucker effect is assured. Although he wrote very famous pieces in the year 90, it seems that his style has stopped at that time.


It is unfair to add Jovanotti to this list, but I had to get to ten and it was the only one that came to my mind. Lorenzo became famous for the rap, funk and pop genre of his songs. Even his style is combined with the “paninaro” from time to time, then mix with the alternative.

Thus ends the list dedicated to the top 10 worst dressed . Do you agree? I forgot someone in the list? Let me know in the comments who should be removed from the list and why.

I’ve created a board on Pinterest where I’ll collect all the images of badly dressed VIPs over time.

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