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Are polos business casual?

Many people think of fraternity boys or golfers when they see a guy in a polo shirt. These versatile, nice looking shirts are both comfortable and stylish. Some people still aren’t too sure how to answer the question, “Are polos business casual?” We’ve got an answer for you.

What Is Business Casual for men?

Today’s description of business casual is definitely different than what our grandfathers wore to work. Business casual sounds like you could walk in with Hawaiian shorts and a t-shirt, but it’s not that easy. It’s actually a big confusion for many workers. It can actually mean different things to different companies. The one thing that remains in most business casual atmosphere is that if you show up in tight shorts or a t-shirt, you might be too casual. If you show up in a suit and tie, you might be too formal. It’s about aiming for somewhere in between the two extremes.

In this article I cover the subject of Business Casual completely.

Are polos business casual? The Look of Polos

Polo shirts are a good choice if you work in a place where they don’t expect you to wear a button-down every day. Yes, there are casual button-down shirts. You can wear a polo if you pair it correctly. If you’re allowed to wear chinos, a fresh polo shirt is a great choice. You can carry on a level of professionalism if you put the style together in a nice-looking way. Tuck your shirt in with a nice belt. Match this style with nicer shoes. You can wear tennis shoes if that’s cool in your business, but they don’t need to be the dirty shoes you wore playing football last week. If it’s okay to wear shorts at your office, always go for a nice pair of khaki shorts paired with a polo. This gives you the look like you’re walking right out a Ralph Lauren magazine. If you really want to add a boost of professionalism, add a pair of loafers or boat shoes.

The Kind Of Polo For Business Casual

This all begs the question, “Are polos business casual?” A polo shirt should always be tucked in no matter what kind you choose. It’s usually best to stick with stripes or solids. The only way you would ever wear a polo with a wild pattern is if you had a theme day at work or if you’re work was super laid back. Polo shirts are made in pique material as well as a wicking material. The polyester wicking fabric is just as nice as the pique fabric and has more of the “golfer” look. These are great to wear in the summer with light chinos for a lightweight feel. The cotton pique polos look professional as well, but they might feel heavier on a really hot day. Always make sure your polo shirt is wrinkle-free and clean.

Use Common Sense

If you need to ask yourself as you walk into your company, “Are polos business casual,” then you should dig a little deeper into the company atmosphere. Feed off of others. You’re probably not going to see anyone at any business casual company with ripped jeans and a retro t-shirt. If you see people walking around in a polo and jeans, you know you’re gold. Take note of how others carry yourself. You want to portray yourself as a professional without too much emphasis on a formal attire at a business casual office. If you came in dressed nicer than the CEO of the company, you might get some stares. It’s important to always gauge the atmosphere of the entire company as well as check out what your peers are wearing each day to the office.

Don’t sit around worrying about what polo shirts are good for business casual. The best answer to remember is that you can wear any type of nice polo shirt in a business casual environment as long as you bring it together nicely with the entire outfit. If you come into the office with baggy shorts, a polo and a backwards ball cap, you might be out of your league. Polos give you a classic look with a comfortable feel. Pair this with a bright smile, and you’ve won over your colleagues on the first day.

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