Come avere un sorriso perfetto

How to have a perfect smile by facing problems

Things are going wrong. You are depressed. You have situations that you can not solve, some of them seem impossible to solve. You see others whose life is perfect, without any turn and this depresses you more. Beyond the normal appearance of things, you start to ask yourself: Am I happy?

Let's save men, description of the project and regulations

Description of the project For the launch of my YouTube channel I thought to involve you all. On my channel and on my blog I help men with advice about style, clothing and above all how to make them more pleasant for women. Some time ago I started asking women: What is the most annoying thing about men? The answers were so beautiful and hilarious that I decided to make my next video with you.…

12 movies that influenced male style

What are the movies that created fashion and trends for for men's style? Introduction I was wondering the other day, what influenced people's choice of clothing. The society in which we live the particular context we can influence also influences us in the same way. The people we frequent, the premises, the environments influence the way we behave and dress. The movies, part of the mass media all…