Men's skin care guide: an interview with Toni e Amanda, Obagi professionals

Men's skin care Having a perfect face is the desire of many men. Knowing how to get it is however far from easy. All of us men share some problems: dry skin, oily skin, signs of aging, damage caused by the sun ... Personally I did not have a real routine and even ignored the basics. So I decided to interview two professionals in the sector: Toni and Amanda for Obagi Medical Products, in order to…

Come avere un sorriso perfetto

How to have a perfect smile by facing problems

Things are going wrong. You are depressed. You have situations that you can not solve, some of them seem impossible to solve. You see others whose life is perfect, without any turn and this depresses you more. Beyond the normal appearance of things, you start to ask yourself: Am I happy?

10 ways to improve your looks men's guide

Welcome, if it's the first time you visit my blog, otherwise welcome back. I'm really happy with the first articles created because they got really positive feedback and the community is growing, with more and more people following my Instagram page and this blog. Today I decided to create an article to offer an immediate starting point on how to improve one's appearance. If you find yourself…