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You guys know it, we always talk about it in my blog: there are things that you absolutely have to do to have style. Dressing well is not just a matter of clothes: dressing well, presenting oneself, is an intellectual matter. Because when you introduce yourself to a person you want to say something about yourself. In this post, I want to talk about ten mistakes that people without style commit without knowing it. Not…

If it’s the first time you’re visiting my blog, welcome. Otherwise, welcome back! I’m really happy with the response I have received from previous articles, because they got really positive feedback and the community is growing, with more and more people following my Instagram page and this blog.

Today I decided to write an article to offer an immediate starting point on how to improve one’s appearance. If you find yourself here, you have probably asked yourself this question. “What is the reason you should want to improve your appearance?”

The most obvious reason could be to look for a partner. But it is certainly not the only reason. Maybe you’ve just realized that something about your appearance has to change, or maybe your friends or colleagues dress more interestingly.