Men's clothing

12 movies that influenced male style

What are the movies that created fashion and trends for for men's style? Introduction I was wondering the other day, what influenced people's choice of clothing. The society in which we live the particular context we can influence also influences us in the same way. The people we frequent, the premises, the environments influence the way we behave and dress. The movies, part of the mass media all…

10 things you're doing wrong when dressing up

Thousands of men in the world every day are forced to dress for some strange reason. Wouldn't a uniform be better? Here are ten things that are wrong in dressing, let me know if you find yourself on this list! I started writing the list of things that I was doing wrong, so you should not feel alone. Why give so much attention to clothing? Because it is a communication system widely used by the…

10 VIPs who dress badly

Fame and riches can allow many wishes to be satisfied. Being famous does not mean excelling in everything especially if it's style. Here is my ranking of famous people who dress badly: