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Clothing color combinations: how to create combinations

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Clothing color combinations or just color combinations can be difficult. If you are here it is because you will surely have posed yourself the problem at least once. How many of us would like to be able to combine colors better and be more attractive in the way we dress? And above all, without having to consult millions of references or study so many books?

There’s millions of content online, so I thank you for being here on my blog and for choosing to read this article.

At the end of the article you will know that you have invested your time well. I want to share with you the strategies on how to match the colors of your clothing so that they go well together: so it’s easy for you to create your combinations in a simple way. I attended the Fine Arts Academy and worked in the field of design and photography. This is the information I acquired, while many of the bloggers and YouTubers who talk about combining colors have no practical experience. In fact, most of the color matching cards found on the net are useless without this key information.

Is this article for you?

By the end of this article you will find out:

  • What are the colors that match with everything without effort and work best for men.
  • How to match the patterns.
  • How to identify contrast colors (tie, clutch bag, decorations, etc).

My goal is to make you understand why two or more things can go together, rather than simply showing you a color chart.

Dress color combinations for male: choose neutral colors

They are the best colors ever because they easily combine with each other without problems: without having to do too much reasoning. Really the thing is so simple. Only combine these colors together and you will always be sure not to make mistakes.

They combine well with each other. You can create so many color schemes that you may not need to add any other colors. The only exception is of course black: if you dress in a black suit, you must never wear brown shoes.

In any case, make sure there is adequate contrast: a beige shirt with khaki trousers must have a good contrast, not look similar.


Clothing color combinations: only 4 combinations

The garments are matched only by color, patterns, texture and types of fabrics. The purpose of color when you dress is to make your face stand out. I have already talked about it in this article that I invite you to read. All this must not create you difficulties. You don’t have to study eight hours to understand your skin tone or anything else.

The trick when you buy a new garment is not to focus so much on the dress you are buying or fashion, but to think about how it will fit in an outfit, and how it can be combined with the clothes you already have.


Tints, patterns and textures

I don’t need that you learn the entire color theory. This is why the cards you find on the internet do not work very well. When you examine a color you have to take into account three variants to be able to associate it with other colors.

The different types of colors

The colors are the colors that make up the fabric itself and can be more than one, obviously. The colors can be warm, cold, bright or dull, light or dark.

I talk about it better in this article.

As you can see in this image, although the color is always red, there are 3 variations to consider.

Warm colors tend towards orange-red, while cold colors tend towards purple-blue. Attention: even in an imperceptible way. When you approach two colors of the same color, make sure they are both warm or cold. Otherwise they won’t combine well. In the combination of two same colors you will try to combine bright colors with dull colors, light colors with dark colors but never warm colors with cold ones of the same color. I refer above all to brown, to green and to navy blue. This is also important information for colors like white and gray. In fact, white is often not a real white but a very light color as well as gray. In fact, when these colors are combined, it is advisable to check that they are really neutral (that is, they are not dyed). For further information, I invite you to read this article I wrote on gray.

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In combining this underlying outfit, for example, they were simply used light and dark colors (among other things, only neutral colors I mentioned earlier). The result is very harmonious. The pants are cream-colored (a very light brown color), the beige shirt and the Prince of Wales jacket. A very nice touch is made by the blue of the handkerchief that comes out of the jacket.


Matching clothes colors: the easy way to never go wrong with matching clothes


A fabric can already contain more color combinations. In this case the easiest thing is to look at it well, find out what the colors are and match the same colors in other clothes. For example, if you look at a pair of jeans, you will notice that it is made up of white threads, blue threads and often brown stitching.

If you use blue, light blue and light and dark brown the combination will be more than guaranteed (we are still talking about neutral colors).

In fact, fabrics are often the ones that already reveal important combinations. you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. As in the next case, place a cold brown (if you don’t remember what I’m talking about, re-read the first part of the article) it will simply be perfect.

Remember that you can play with lighter, darker or more saturated colors, but try to respect the color temperature (hot cold), that is if a color is cold approach it with variations of another cold color.


Match the patterns

The patterns are real, generally repeated motifs that decorate the fabric: stripes, paintings, polka dots, etc … In the image above, the jacket has a checked pattern.

Attention should be paid to associating very different fantasies, so as to create adequate contrast. In fact, too similar fantasies annoy the eye.

In this example you can see how difficult it is to look at a tie


Fantasie molto contrastanti si associano molto bene
In this example you can see how the fantasies associate well together

If you are in doubt, choose two very different patterns. In fact, patterns that are too similar merge into one another as in the first example.

If you wear a plaid jacket, you will want to wear a neutral shirt (without patterns and decorations) and a tie with non-plaid patterns. If you have two identical patterns in an outfit, the scale and size of these designs will necessarily have to be different.

In general it is better in an outfit that there are few fantasies such as the jacket, the tie, the shirt, because they attract attention thus becoming an eccentric outfit.


Texture matching

The textures are those textures and roughness created by the fabrics of the garments. It is the workings of the fabrics that create repeated textures. It would seem that we are entering too secondary aspects, but this is not the case: the man who really knows how to combine his clothes also takes these aspects into consideration.

Here too the key factor is to create enough contrast. if you have a garment whose texture is very evident, combine it with a solid color.



How to proceed

Now that we have talked about the “comfort zone” in matching the colors of men’s clothing, the time has come to understand how to insert accent colors or associate other colors.

For example, with a pair of khaki pants, a white shirt and a blue jacket: what would be the color of the tie?

There are simple ways to find out the relationship between colors. Consider colors as a wheel (Itten’s wheel)



You can choose between these 2 options according to your taste: combination of two colors and three colors:


In the first strategy the contrast will be maximum. That is, there is no color that will be more contrasting than the opposite color. In the second case the contrast will be less.

I hope I helped you a little in this regard. Please leave me a comment if you liked this article. Consider the idea of subscribing to my mailing list.


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