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Clothing color combinations in only 5 steps

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Do you really have time to study clothing color combinations or read your entire volume on the subject? We have talked about it in many articles about matching colors for men, but I feel that there is a need to simplify and create a guide on combining colors that is practical and simple. The fact remains that in-depth knowledge should be the goal of all men.

I have suggested you rely on the color wheel a few times, but I come from the fine arts academy. With this article, I want to give some essential ideas for those who need it immediately. I summarized it all in a quick guide: this article.

Learn the fundamental of clothing color combinations

The color wheel is fine. but knowing colors that go well together is much easier.

Remembering these combinations is simple:

  • Red and green
  • Blue and orange
  • Yellow and purple

Here is an image that can help summarize the concept: in simple words, you have to memorize the complementary colors.

Color wheel to find Clothing color combinations


If you don’t want to look like a clown you have to use duller and darker colors. For example, you can wear olive or dark green trousers and a red-brown colored shirt.

This way you can use colors without excessive contrast.


Discover neutral colors

Neutral colors are not just white, gray and black. I’ve talked about it several times in this blog, and I think it’s one of the most important things to know.

There is a group of colors whose combination is practically always optimal and also serves as a basis for any other color you want to associate.

It is worth knowing about them: white, black, gray, light blue, navy blue, khaki, and olive green.

 Clothing color combinations with neutral colors
Clothing color combinations with neutral colors

Keep in mind that it is easier to dress dark colors in the lower part of the outfit than in the upper part, while the lighter colors in the opposite.


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Choose a single accent color

This is the point that creates the most confusion in matching colors for men. “How do I know if this red sweater looks good with those blue pants?”

And here’s how I do it: I start with neutral colors and add just one highlight color. Using a dark blue cotton trouser as a base. I add a red shirt, a white shirt and brown shoes (neutral colors).

While the neutral colors combine harmoniously, a single bright color will contrast the entire outfit making it more interesting.



Match the skin and metals

A necessary combination needs to be done between the various leather garments that you will wear: jacket, belt, shoes, and wallet.

Simply try to match the same colors. Nothing complicated.


The same thing happens for metals. If you wear a silver bracelet, try to use watches, rings of the same color. Super simple right?

That’s all!

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