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Color combination of men’s clothing

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You meet him on the street and he will attract your gaze: he communicates his strong personality without having said a word. Women watch him more carefully.

That man who for some strange reason can get more attention from others. Why?

The answer is harmony. If you think about music, it’s easier for you to understand it. Why does a song become famous, while another just disappears?

How to match the colors of clothes for men? Are there any specific rules that you need to know? How to avoid ridicule by friends?

If you do not know how to match the colors, if you want to find out how to stand out from the average look continue reading this article.

Welcome to my blog this is a mini-guide dedicated to how to match the colors of clothes for men. I have already mentioned these things in previous articles but I want to create something more important and more complete.

In about 10 years as a designer I have collected a lot of information about color and I want to share it with you.

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Color of clothes

Colors are a powerful weapon that allows you to get attention. The colors do not serve to make something nice, they are used to make the appearance of someone homogeneous.

  1. The first rule to know is that the fewer colors you approach, the easier it will be to create harmony.
  2. The second thing to know is that colors follow rules based on style. The elegant style follows the formal rules that sports style is not required to follow.
  3. The third thing to know is that it is easier to use these colors: black/white, gray, blue, green-brown. Check this article for more information.
  4. The fourth thing to know is that the rules of style can be broken if they are known.
  5. The fifth thing to know is that the colors match in a scientific way, using the color wheel.

Colors in nature are a powerful communication tool. Just think about how animals and plants employ it to survive. Can we use some of that power?

This is a guide for men on how to match colors, but the same rules can also be used for women. With one simple difference: some colors are easier to wear for a woman, such as pink, yellow etc. But in the course of the article we will see some interesting solutions for men too.

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How to create chromatic harmony?

How to always know which color to associate with the garment you already own? Follow this procedure.

Choose a basic starting color (white, blue, brown, green are the most used) and using the chromatic wheel identify which colors can be brought together while maintaining harmony. Does it still sound complicated?

Then we analyze color by color, and try to define its use. For each color there are many examples of combinations so as to get an idea.

Neutral colors

A very easy way to create chromatic harmony is to wear neutral colors:

Neutral colors Chart
Neutral colors Chart

These are special colors that match perfectly with each other.

How to combine white (men)

The sun is high in the sky, it’s a nice sunny Saturday afternoon. You walk around shop windows with nice white trousers and a khaki blazer. The brown sunglasses, the matching shoes complete a really interesting look. You begin to glimpse the gaze of some intrigued person looking at you. Here’s what white is doing. It distinguishes you immediately.

With white you communicate to others lightness, inner cleanliness, serenity and health. Perhaps you believe that there is only a shade of white, but in reality there are many: the pearl, the khaki etc…

It is definitely a summer color because of its characteristic reflect light but over time there has been an increasing use even in winter. It combines almost all colors, so it is very easy to combine it.

Remember: On formal occasions it is not recommended to use it, with the sole exception of tuxedo.

beckam tuxedo
David Beckham is famous for his outfits

Men matching white trousers

If you wear white trousers, you can wear a dark blue jacket, blue sugar paper, khaki, beige, light gray, dark gray, red, green, brown, yellow, purple.

If it’s spring / summer you can use white trousers for: the school, for a walk, to attend an event, the evening on the beach, by boat.

White shirt for men

The white shirt is currently the leader par excellence, it should never be missing. it communicates elegance and can be worn with any garment except for white trousers (the ice cream effect is very easy to obtain).

Advice on how to wear white:

  • Do not wear a colored shirt under the shirt.
  • Do not use a white shirt if it is very hot. The heat will make you sweat immediately
  • Do not wear a tight-fitting white shirt
  • Leave too many shirt buttons unlaced
  • If you keep the shirt unbuttoned, do not show the shirt below
  • Do not wear dirty white shirts.


The white sneakers have now become a garment for daily use: they can be worn everywhere, under jeans or cotton trousers. They are not suitable for suits or for elegant settings, although of course this rule can also be easily broken.

Scarpe Stan Smith 94,95€ (click per il link)
Stan Smith shoes € 94.95 (click for link)

Analysis of some pairings

In this image we have the white of the shirt that contrasts perfectly with a dark brown cardigan. The blazer is ivory white (as well as trousers). The set of ivory, light brown, dark brown is part of the same shade to which red and green (in the belt) has been added.
Questo è lo schema colore utilizzato
This is the color scheme used
Il pantalone bianco è magnificamente sovrastato da un doppiopetto a quadretti grigio con righe blu scuro. Sotto si intravede una camicia blu di jeans e Mocassini neri abbinati a bracciali. Le maniche della camicia escono dalla giacca. Il fazzoletto della giacca è bianco con bordo marrone scuro.
The white trousers are magnificently dominated by a gray double-checkered double-breasted suit with dark blue stripes. Below you can see a blue denim shirt and black moccasins combined with bracelets. The sleeves of the shirt come out of the jacket. The handkerchief of the jacket is white with a dark brown border.
Questo è lo schema colore utilizzato
This is the color scheme used

How to combine black (men)

At the theater, at a gala dinner, at an important event: the black will make you feel part of that scene, like an entry code for that occasion. In the formality of classical elegance black is only used black for tuxedos and frack.
Go out for dinner with friends and you want to make yourself important try the total black look, with black jeans, black sweater and black leather jacket. It will make you feel like the master of the evening.
What it evokes: Black evokes power, authority, elegance.

Full black:

  • Do not use the black suit to go to work.
  • Do not combine blue and black when these colors are very similar.
  • If the blue is very bright, then there is no problem.
  • With the black suit always use black shoes if the occasion is formal.
Blazer da completo Smoking nero Zara 129€ (link al prodotto)
Zara smoking suit blazer black € 129 (link to product)
Zara double-breasted blazer 99,95 € (Link to see the product)


  • The brown and blue suit can coexist with black shoes, in which case it is advisable to combine a black belt.

Casual: There is an ancient rule that is not respected in casual nowadays: Blue and black can not coexist in the same outfit. This rule has become obsolete. Indeed a good bright blue will go well with the black.

  • Blue sweatshirts and sweaters can coexist with black trousers.
  • Black leather jacket and blue jeans always combine well together.
  • Black in casual allows it to match any color, it combines with green, red, brown, gray and blue.

Analysis of some combinations:

The boot is combined with the belt. The black trousers are matched with a white shirt and gray blazer with an unusual but effective purple tie.
questo è lo schema colore usato per il nero
This is the color scheme used for black

How to combine gray (men)

Do you have to choose a color that is not too elegant but is also good for elegant people? Choose dark gray. Gray is an extremely versatile color because it allows the combination with all colors. It can be associated with blue, black, red, white, brown and green.

So many are the combinations with gray that it is worth analyzing the light gray and dark gray separately.

How to combine dark gray

What it evokes: The dark gray gives you immediately a conservative, practical, professional tone.

When wearing a dark gray suit:

Dark gray is the most versatile color, suitable for all seasons. Perfect for formal, informal occasions, day and night, summer and winter. Perfect also in the office and easy to combine.

In a casual version it can be worn with a black sweater instead of a shirt.

It lends itself well to black accessories (shoes, glasses, etc.).

Which colors to match:

You can combine dark gray with blue, with red, with brown, with black, with red.

Blazer and Slacks

It combines in a fantastic way to all colors in blazer and slacks. You can wear dark gray trousers and a lighter blazer, or blue or green.


Even the dark gray shoe can be combined with jeans in a very simple way.

Analysis of some pairings

In this gray striped outfit the shirt was replaced by a dark blue shirt. Black moccasins have red threads that combine with blue polka dot socks. The bag is a light brown.
Questo è lo schema colore usato per il grigio
This is the color scheme used

How to combine light gray

When wearing a light gray suit:

Light gray inherits many characteristics from dark gray. It is more limited, lends itself badly as an evening dress and in too formal contexts. During the day it is perfect for many occasions.

It lends itself to being associated with dark brown, with blue, with red.

Blazer and Slacks

Also in this case is very easy to combine with other shades.

At School:

As for the school is a good color to wear on jeans, a light gray sweater will always be nice on a blue or black Jeans. A gray jacket is great on jeans trousers.

Analysis of some pairings:

This beautiful light gray suit has been associated with a light blue shirt. The tie is decorated with dark blue, white and gray inserts. The pocket handkerchief takes up the blue of the tie.

How to match the blue (men)

Another great color is blue. In my opinion, it overcomes black in terms of elegance. So many are the shades of blue that are worth analyzing in two groups.

How to combine dark blue

What you communicate with dark blue: knowledge, serenity and control.

Dark blue is extremely adaptable to various contexts. It is used in formal and informal contexts, day and night, in summer and in winter.

It is extremely suitable for the office. Easy to pair with light gray, cream, white and green. Gold, yellow and orange will stand out a lot on the blue.

In winter the camel colored trench coat over a dark blue dress is a perfect combination!

Blazer and Slacks

Try combining the dark blue blazer (or double-breasted jacket) with white or cream pants, the effect is guaranteed.

You can insert ocher and gold (or red and green) elements.


A dark blue trousers can be combined very well with light moccasins or dark brown derby. Black shoes can also be used.

Analysis of some combinations:

In questo esempio ad un pantalone marrone è stato associato un cappotto doppio petto ed una camicia blu a fiori.
In this example a double-breasted coat and a blue flowered shirt were associated with a brown trousers.
Questo è lo schema colore usato
Questo è lo schema colore usato

How to combine light blue

Do you have to prepare for an appointment? Choose light blue. It is a lively, light and quite versatile color. It is perfect for uses that are not too formal and during the day.

Blazer and Slacks

Great blazer and slacks with white pants, always considering casual contexts.

How to combine light blue:

Try combining it with dark blue, red or brown. They’ll be fine together. You can use a red or orange accent. It can be combined with pink.

How to match brown (men)

Brown is one of my favorite colors. It can be found in leather jackets. in leather shoes, trousers, etc.

Brown and green are ‘sporting’ colors. Sports does not mean the gym or the Football. Who coined the term thought of hunting fox as a sport.

What do you communicate with brown: The emotion that arouses is natural, concrete, well laid. Generally a color that is used on casual occasions. It is a perfect color for autumn and winter.
Brown has different variations, from dark brown to khaki.

Advice on how to combine brown:

  • Brown combines with blue, blue, red, and dark gray.
  • Avoid mixing too many browns together.
Trench doppiopetto zara 149€ (click per vedere il prodotto)
Zara double-breasted trench coat 149 € (click to view product)
Trench proposto da Ted Baker 430€ (click per vedere il prodotto)
Trench proposed by Ted Baker 430 € (click to view product)

Analysis of a match:

Questo è un bellissimo abbinamento, dettato dalle righe della giacca. Infatti la giacca già contiene tutti i colori: il blu, l'azzurro, il marrone. Il pantalone blu si contrasta perfettamente con il marrone, donando uno stile molto armonioso.
This is a beautiful combination, dictated by the lines of the jacket. In fact, the jacket already contains all the colors: blue, blue, brown and green. The blue trousers contrasts perfectly with brown, giving a very harmonious style.
Questi sono i colori usati in questo schema
These are the colors used in this scheme

How to combine dark green (men)

It’s one of my favorite colors. Green is a sporty, casual color. Not suitable for extremely elegant settings. It can be taken every day.

What you communicate: Green is the color of stability, encourages trust. In the context of classical elegance it is an absolutely forbidden color. It can be used as accent color or in trousers.

It is not suitable for formal occasions, you may feel really out of place.

How to combine green:

Green goes well with brown, orange, blue.

Gacca di lana Ted Baker 365€ (link al prodotto)
Ted Baker wool jacket 365 € (link to product)

How to combine yellow (men)

What it communicates: Yellow evokes happiness, lightheartedness, spontaneity. Represents 1% of your wardrobe.

It should be used in moderation, and used together with white to blue to brown. It looks great with black and dark gray.

How to combine yellow:

  • In a creative look try using yellow in socks using dark pants and sports shoes.
  • In summer, find yellow trousers and wear them with a black t-shirt.
  • In a dark gray suit, use a yellow tie to give an eccentric touch.
  • Find oil-green trousers and wear an ocher-colored sweater.

How to combine orange (men)

What you communicate: Orange is creative, uplifting and playful.
Orange is a valid alternative to those who do not want to wear red and purple. Definitely not a color for ceremonies and formalities.

Tips on how to combine orange:

  • Orange combines easily with dark blue, green, brown, dark gray and light gray.
  • Do not combine with violet.

How to combine red (man)

What do you communicate with red: Red evokes passion, aggression, importance and domination.

Dressing red will make you more persuasive. No coincidence that the President of the United States always wears a red tie. Definitely a color to be used with caution in religious functions. Through a recent survey I also collected some of the answers from my friends: someone suggested not wearing red at a ceremony,  or at the Target stores 😂.

How to dress red:

  • If it is very bright it is to be used in the tie, in the handkerchief.
  • If it is darker it can be dressed as a blazer, as a suit or a sweater

How to match red: You can combine red to brown, dark blue, light blue to green.

completo Ted Baker 465€ (link sull'immagine)
complete Ted Baker € 465 (image link)

Analisi di un abbinamento

This interesting look is based on red, the light brown belt and the gray jacket. Even the blue would have been interesting in this outfit.

Pink is an extremely difficult color to wear naturally. One has the conviction that wearing the rose will lose its masculinity. If not overused instead it can be a valid color of support, capable of highlighting other colors.

What you communicate: The rose transmits an emotion of affection and support. Even the pink should be worn better in accessories. The main fear of men is to look too effeminate. Attention, the rose will not make you look less masculine, just know how to dose.

Advice on how to match the rose:

  • The rose is extremely fine with blue and brown.
  • Try using it as an accent color: the tie and the handkerchief.
  • Even a pastel pink shirt in a gray suit will be perfect.


I hope I have formulated concrete foundations to establish how to combine colors for men. I have also brought examples and proposed products that can be purchased.
What you are looking for is harmony. Colors can make your look very harmonious, pleasant. The refinement of elegance is in essence the study of composition and harmony.

The refinement of elegance is in essence the study of composition and harmony Click To Tweet

Do you know any rules I did not mention? Just let me know. Let me know also if you agree with what is written with a comment below.

Hello my name is Alex, welcome to my blog. I believe that every man can transform himself and become the person he has always wanted to be. If you like my articles subscribe to the newsletter and join in the community I'm creating. I wish you to become the man you want to be.


  1. Adinda Ester Reply

    This is really nice and awesome dear. Such a great combination and the way you give some direction to wear it’s also helpful. Well I always use the basic colors such as black, grey, white, brown, navy bust mostly black or dark colors.

    Have try to use some lights color tho such as red and pink but it’s not so me. But thank you for this article, it help me a lot, so maybe later will try the combination for red or pink as well.

    Cause for me basic colors will never failed to impress people

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I’m really grateful for your feedback. Despite of all rules one have to choose colors that is comfortable with. You already found “your colors”. Using something that makes you less confident is something to avoid. Red is a magnificent color, but it’s hard to use and be confident with. I agree with the idea of basic colors will never fail to impress. But only if you know how to create harmony.

  2. Edith Kerekes Reply

    You have good style, all combinations very fancy! My favorite it’s brown. That’s the autumn colors for me! Keep going Alex! You done excellent work!

    • Tank you so much!Brown is mine too, it’a super color. I’m glad that you liked this article. See you next time take care.

  3. This is a well detailed post; can we use a few of your words on our magazine? We will be sure to link it up to you as the source author. Thank you

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