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10 mistakes that stylish people don’t make

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You guys know it, we always talk about it in my blog: there are things that you absolutely have to do to have style. Dressing well is not just a matter of clothes: dressing well, presenting oneself, is an intellectual matter

Because when you introduce yourself to a person you want to say something about yourself. In this post, I want to talk about ten mistakes that people without style commit without knowing it. 

Not working out

The first of these points is not working out and perhaps playing sports. These help you breathe better, it helps your heart, helps your lungs and makes your body more aesthetically pleasing. So if you’re not doing it, sign up for the gym, go swimming … Do it regularly, make it part of your life because it’s part of your life! It is such an important component that it goes beyond its physical appearance, it is the very aspect of health! 

You must be wondering about what this has to do with style … Absolutely, it has a lot to do with it, because the way you dress is the way you deal with the way you wear clothes, how they fit you and having a harmonious body clearly helps. 

Low personal hygiene

The second important point, perhaps more important than the first, is personal hygiene. One of the mistakes that people without style make is that of not taking care of the aspect of personal hygiene. 

Dirty nails, bad breath, dandruff, body odor … Here, too, one may ask: what does style have to do with personal cleanliness? If you smell, you can be dressed as well as you want, but you smell! When the person gets close to you to get to know you, he will go away because of the smell you give off. So it’s important to put it in your head: personal hygiene counts more than any branded suit you buy! Now I know that out there on YouTube there are so many videos that tell you how to fold sleeves, etc. But this takes a back seat: your personal hygiene is more important! There are so many ways to solve problems, so it’s worth taking care of and solving your personal hygiene problems because that’s the thing that most determines your physical appearance.

Dressing casual all the time

The third mistake that people without style make is to always dress casual. Those who always dress in tracksuits, those who wear jeans and sneakers, those who have never been seen in a suit jacket… The fact of always dressing up in a casual style does not make you stand out among the other people so it is worth investing some time to find out which is the right shirt that you like, which is the jacket that you could wear every now and then or that something, that leather shoe that you could put on that elevates you from casual. Casual is the kind of casual clothing, as the word implies, that you can wear with anything. But when you are with friends, a shirt is fine, a pair of trousers that are not jeans is fine, so I think this is a style mistake that is easily corrected.

Not dressing for your size

The fourth mistake that people without style make is to not dress for their size. When you want to go out for dinner when you have to go to work when you go to a work appointment … It is important that the image you give of yourself is precise and refined. This is because your work will benefit your relationship, the trust that other people give you will benefit … And if you are in a context where you need the trust of other people dressing your size helps other people trust you.  It is paradoxical but it is so. Using a tailor to correct measurement is not an extraordinary thing. It is something that should be done. having the correct size helps the person to have more style. 

Not using neutral colors

We have reached the fifth point. I promised you 10 points and this is the fifth; the fifth mistake that people without style make is that of not using neutral colors.

Neutral colors are a range of amazing colors that together are naturally good. These colors are blue, khaki, brown, white, black, gray, navy blue, olive green … 

These colors will always look good together, so it’s worth instead to learn the color wheel or things that are perhaps more technical for professionals, it is useful to simply learn these colors that will naturally fit well together. 

For example, if you choose a color based on a garment that you already have like a jacket, a shirt, or something like that … 

You can decide which other colors can be matched together based on neutral colors.

Go to Pinterest and look for “outfits for men” and you will see how many clothes, how many outfits there are out there that simply use neutral colors and are beautiful. 

Not using contrast and similarity

The sixth mistake that people without style make is to not use contrast and similarity to match their garments.

What is contrast and what is similarity? The contrast is to … is the combination of two colors that are different from each other but that go well together. Like for example the shirt I wear and the trousers work well together, they create contrast, but they are not the same color of course … On the other hand, we can use similarity when combining similar colors together. 

For example a brown with a dark brown, a gray with a white and so on …

These two strategies can be used, choose one or the other, to create your own outfits. The only mistake that can be made in this case is to combining together garments that are neither too contrasted nor too similar; such as khaki and a gray.

Not matching shoes with the belt

 Of the ten mistakes I mentioned, we are at number 7: the seventh mistake that people without style make is to not match shoes with the belt. Now: the shoes with belts have a specific matching; there is a basic idea. It is important to say that if a casual dress there are basically no rules. Casual is casual: “casual”. So I’m not talking about casual and I think I will talk less and less about it because personally, it doesn’t represent me. 

What is the rule for matching shoes with a belt? Well, usually the same color as the belt is used. The shade must, if not coincide, be very similar. You have a pair of brown shoes – a light brown – you will use a certain type of belt that looks alike. Certainly, you do not go to use a black belt. If you have a pair of brown shoes … If it is instead a pair of black shoes you will go to associate with a black belt. 

The thing really is very simple: trying to associate the color of the shoes with the color of the belt helps tremendously for the style of the person. 

Using the same shoes every day

The eighth mistake that people without style make is to use the same shoes every day, for any type of outfit. This matches a lot with those who always wear casual, that is: they buy a pair of shoes and every day they use the same pair of shoes. This is a mistake because every type of shoe has a reason. We have reached the last two. 

Before going further, however, I want to ask you to leave a comment to let me know your opinion. 

Not investing time to learn

Here are the last two: the ninth mistake that people without style make, the mistake they make, is that of not investing time in learning and knowing more. Because improving requires time requires study, observation. You need to spend some time and understand what works best and what works or does not work for your appearance. Instead, people who really have style spend time figuring out what is good for them or what is not right. It is not a thing relegated only to the shop when they go shopping: it is something that must be done and must be studied. In reality, there are principles of knowledge that must also be used for men, which does not mean being fewer “man”. Instead, it means having more care for yourself. 

Don’t be a fashion victim

The number 10  is to be a fashion victim! Instead of using fashion to communicate their personality. In my opinion, this is a very common mistake, that is to buy a brand, buy a coat because it is a certain brand and not because it fits well with its body or is comfortable with its image. In this aspect, it is detrimental to itself because in the long run,1 it will seem like puppets rather than people who want to communicate something to others. The fact of wearing an oversize coat for example because fashion says that year, you have to wear oversized coats, it makes a fool of reality because I don’t want to dwell on why companies make certain stylistic choices or not … The fact that you or you make a particular stylistic choice instead it is decisive for your life for your professional career: so don’t be a fashion victim. 

This is all let me know if you liked the post, leave me a comment as I asked you, please let me hear, let me hear your voice which I always like and see you at the next one.

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