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How to dress well man: What are the determining factors?

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Dressing in fashion is not difficult at all. As for men’s fashion there are simple rules, dictated by good taste that are worth knowing: they are easy and fast: anyone can learn them. Dressing well and fashionable, however, is different from having style.

Working on style requires time, knowledge and study. In fact, the study of style is an important and complex process that passes from the knowledge of oneself, of one’s own forms to one’s own character.

The rules of style are so badly treated that there are more negative than positive examples. Once you learn what you need to know about it, you will be able to identify the mistakes of the outfits on social networks (including Instagram).

So let’s take a closer look at this subject. But before continuing I need to ask for a favor: share this post. Many hours have been spent compiling this article. If you think it helps you or a friend please use the social buttons you see and share it on your social networks.

Esempio di stile corretto uomo

What is elegance

I looked for the word elegance in the Italian dictionary. Elegance means: refinement or convenience not easily reached or imitable. Elegance is the effective resolution of a problem. Example: when you can choose between different combinations of colors and fabrics, the result you get can be elegant or not. Elegance is susceptible to a context. Elegance is subjective, because it depends on who observes it. I am sure that the statues of the ancient Egyptians were absolutely elegant for the people of the time.
Writing can be elegant. Painting can be elegant, architecture can be (think of a well-constructed bridge).

If you can not make choices, elegance can not exist. So for example a work uniform can not be elegant, because it is a mandatory choice.

If we look at the definition of style, in the dictionary we find this: “in the language of fashion, fashion, line: aspect or characterizing configuration”. These are the set of rules that apply to a particular aspect.

The first style I remember studying at school is the Greek columns. there were three Doric, Ionic and Corinthian styles.

Colonne greche

The rules for each of these styles (in fact) were formal, rigid, indisputable. They could change dimensions, materials, fantasies. But the rules were well established.

So everyone can be elegant in some way. Not everyone can have style, because style has to do with knowledge. What is the difference between someone who goes unnoticed and someone who becomes an icon? It is not because of the Gucci someone wears that they become a symbol of style. Surely it will be fashionable or it will be elegant. But if you do not know the rules, you will not have style.

If there were only one single factor that, without additional costs, could greatly improve your appeal, your charm, would you like to know? If you knew the method to make you instantly better, without spending a fortune … Would you like to know it? Would you like to receive some advice? Then keep reading.

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How to dress well, style tips

There is a factor of primary importance if you want to dress well and that you need to know in a broad way.

The answer is: proportion. disappointed? Wait for it.

Le Modulor
The Modulor is a scale of proportions based on the measures of man invented by the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier as a guideline of a human-scale architecture.

Over time many men have tried to identify and understand the hidden secret of proportions. Man adores them. His attempt to organize everything in a logical sense led him to schematize and rationalize everything. It is as if between the chaos of life man has the aim of rationalizing and giving organic order to the elements.

The relationship between the various parts of the body has always been the object of study and reflection. For thousands of years man has focused on the study of human proportion. Understanding the proportions of the body required time, sacrifice and study. Each era has established the correct proportions for a woman and a man.

Michelangelo studio delle proporzioni
A drawing by Michelangelo, probably a preparatory drawing.

What does this have to do with dressing well? A lot. Instinctively we know what is right or what is wrong with a single glance. We know when a body is proportioned and when it is not, at a simple glance. And clothes help to emphasize these proportions or to ruin them.

Human beings have an extraordinary ability to process a great deal of information (visual especially) every day. Instantly our sight tells us if what we see is right or wrong. When we see something disproportionate, we immediately notice it.

Each of us has physical characteristics that are beyond the perfect rules. Who has a long neck, who has short legs, etc … The clothes have the power to correct, or amplify the parts of the body.

What we try to achieve through harmony is harmony, just like good music.

vestibilità e fit uomo
In this example you can see how the measures of the clothes influence the proportion of the body. Apart from the model, which one looks more stylish? Yet the example of the left comes from fashion shows.

See the difference? Neither of the above examples are perfect. But the latter is much more proportionate and harmonious. The rules of style are intended to make the human figure harmonious. As you can see, therefore, it is not a question of fashion or of a tendency of the moment. It is art that restores man to his elaborate forms.

How to translate all this into dressing? How to use this powerful information in the practical world?

An industry blog that I consulted states that the measures of the dress that you wear are more important than the value of the dress itself. Dressing an appropriate size allows you to distinguish yourself from the mass that does not. This is the result of the textile revolution, of ready-to-wear fashion. The sizes rely on an average that does not actually exist. The result is a visual deterioration.


How to dress well man: the wearability of the shirt:

Proper size of the shirt’s shoulders

Larghezza delle spalle di una camicia, come vestire bene
Correct shoulder size

The shoulder seam must reach the outer side of the clavicle above the humerus. Choosing different measures will make you look like: ridiculous or salami. The sleeve tour must allow movements, but not be very wide.

The sleeve lap must be large enough to allow movement, but not too wide.



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Un post condiviso da menwithclass (@menwithclass) in data:

For example, the image above is an example WRONG! See how the shoulders of the shirt are too short.

Correct length of the sleeve of the shirt.

Come vestire bene camicia uomo manica lunga
Here is a good example of how to dress the shirt sleeve well

The sleeve must support the volume of the arm, without tightening (in this case it would prevent movement) nor be too wide (jester effect). If you go to the gym this is definitely an aspect to take into account, as the size of your arms will grow.

Correct fit of a shirt’s chest

As for the sleeve, the fabric must harmoniously follow the profile of the body, there must not be too much excess fabric.

Proper length of the wrist of the shirt

Lunghezza corretta della manica

The right length of the cuff of a shirt is unbuttoned comes to touch the thumb.

Measurement of the collar of the shirt

This part of the shirt is the most important, because it frames the face. The perfect collar from a structure to the face. The last button must be able to close, and between the neck and the collar must pass 2 fingers. The collar should not be too low nor too high in relation to the neck.

Correct size of the collar
Il colletto non deve stringere troppo, ne essere troppo largo.


How to dress well for men: The jacket fit

The jacket must be in harmony with the shirt.

The shoulders of the jacket

Shoulders of the jacket
The shoulders of the jacket

The shoulders of the jacket must end, as for the shirt, in the extreme corner of the shoulder (above the head of the humerus). When the arms are extended, the shoulder must be straight without wrinkles.



The cuff of the jacket must reach the base of the wrist, the shirt will then spike from the cuff about one and a half centimeters. The cuff should be in harmony with the collar.

Collar of the jacket

Corretta vestibilità della giacca
In this image we see how the collar is adequately protruding from the jacket. The sleeves of the shirt do not protrude from the jacket for the flexion of the arms. If instead they were extended along the body, the shirt would escape from the sleeves of the jacket correctly.

There must be a total harmony between the collar of the shirt and the collar of the jacket. Any space that is created between the two then will become a style problem. The collar of the shirt must come out about 3/4 of the jacket.

The chest of the jacket

The closed jacket should not form any x when buttoned.


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Un post condiviso da menwithclass (@menwithclass) in data:

The image above has many errors. Do you see the shirt collar as it does not emerge from the jacket? The sleeves are absent? Can we also see the x on the chest? The size of the jacket is correct and proportionate, but the wearer does not know style.

The jacket should allow all movements, such as buttoning the shoes.

The length of the jacket should cover the bottom, not more.


Crotch of the pants

Cavallo dei pantaloni
Crotch of pants

The horse must follow the shape of the body. It should not pull, it will abound.

The length of the trousers

james bond outfits daniel craig
James bond outfits of Daniel Craig

The length of the trousers should ideally rest on the front shoe and touch the upper part of the heel.



Whatever your budget is, the primary purpose is to buy your right size.

What you must not do: Follow the fashions. Follow the Brands. The fashion industry has become capricious. This is borne out by the Dolce & Gabbana case whose arrogance threatened the spread of their brand in China.

This video of excuses that was not enough to appease the spirits. People have realized how big brands are little interested in people’s needs.


In this quick article we talked about the number one factor to improve one’s appearance and dress well. We have only started the topic. In the next we will talk about how to correct body defects using clothes. This information allows you to think with your own head, without the need for a Fashion Guru! As you have also noticed Instagram profiles from millions of followers do not know the basics.

The first thing you need to do now is check out your wardrobe and your way of dressing. Take a mirror and wearing your clothes check how much has been exposed. What does not follow the style must be eliminated.

In my research on how to dress well for the man I found several blogs and many instagram pages that offer images of incorrect style. They do not help people get dressed better at all. I saw many of them and they did not help understand. But for the ones who did I  want to thank them for their precise information:,,, an important thanks to Simonetta Zamperlini of the blog Camicia e Cravatta.

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