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Get rid of double chin in two weeks

One day you look in the mirror and you notice something different under your jaw. You realize you are getting older because for the very first time you notice a double chin. It is there. Maybe your friends noticed it before you and they had the courtesy to not mention it to you. 

Or someone around you made a bad joke about your double chin and you realized you have this problem.

What is a double chin?

A double chin technically is a condition that occurs when a layer of fat forms below your chin. Also, age and looser skin can cause a double chin.

Your skin can become less flexible and it is not much you can do about it. Your face looks less young and less defined. Your masculinity depends on well-defined lines on your face, therefore you are losing your looks.

There are different grades of a double chin. the first state is not so noticeable: you can only notice it when your face is not completely straight and you are looking at the floor.

A more advanced stage is when the problem is noticeable all the time, leaving you with the frustration of hoping that no one is noticing it. A condition of obesity can make the situation even worse. 

What causes double chin

A double chin can be caused by several factors: age, body fat, and genetics. If you are young and very young the cause might be body fat, and a diet can help you get rid of the fat in excess.

Age and genetics can start manifesting after your thirties, and solving it with a diet could not be the only option. You could have a double chin and not being fat for example (like my condition in the past)

Here is the complete list of the causes:

  1. Weight gain. It’s easy to lose control of your body fat. Also fat can accumulate in specific areas of your body. The skin gets stretched and deformed.
  2. Weight loss. Drastic weight loss can cause the skin to be too loose, leaving under your chin an empty bag…
  3. Aging. Skin, muscles, and tissues of old people are less elastic. Gravity forces these components of the human body to fall toward the floor.
  4. Genetics. Some people simply are lucky and have good genetics, some others less. If for example, you have a small jaw, it’s more easily noticeable.
  5. Obesity. Obesity is a problem that needs to be solved per se but on top of that, it adds a not aesthetic big double chin that makes you look unpleasant.
  6. Posture. Some postures can lead the creation of the second chin figure, for example staying at the computer while the monitor is lower than your face, or having a slumping posture.
  7. Facial expressions. we shape our face with all kinds of repetitive movements that we make, this is the case also of our neck and jawline.

what does a double chin look like

The double chin is a bulge created by skin that usually goes from the chin to the jawline. Depending on how severe the condition is, it can be barely noticeable or very evident.

How to eliminate double chin

Since it is something that ruins your image you want to know how to get rid of it. These are the most common solutions.

You can get rid of double chin by changing your lifestyle, or receiving some specific aesthetic treatments. I’m listing here the most effective solutions.

How to get rid of the double chin without surgery

I personally tried the laser solution and I am very enthusiastic about it. Let me talk about my experience. This is a double chin non-surgical non-recovery solution that lasts for at least 18 months.

The solution is called Strawberry lift and is honestly amazing. I was invited to try it in London and I had just two sessions.

I was very impressed by the results. Let me describe a little bit better the features:

  • No recovery time.
  • Results in just two sessions.
  • It’s not painful.
  • It lasts for 18 months.
  • It resolves double chin in a non-surgical way.

how to get rid of double chin fast

I had just two treatments in a month. I did it at the Seduire Clinics in London. I mean, just four weeks and the problem was gone. I am so relieved.

The procedure is about 1 hour, without any redness or irritations. After that, you get a gentle massage (I always nearly fell asleep during it).

strawberry lift london dseduire london
Me at Seduire Clinics in London getting the Strawberry lift

Double chin before and after pictures

My before after is honestly amazing. I can see that I didn’t have a full double chin but still there was something that was bothering me.

Before after
Before-after of strawberry lift. On the left, you can notice that my jawline is not perfect. Much better in the second image.

I hope I helped you. Let me know if you have any questions! I will answer personally.

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