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How to have a perfect smile by facing problems

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Things are going wrong. You are depressed. You have situations that you can not solve, some of them seem impossible to solve. You see others whose life is perfect, without any turn and this depresses you more. Beyond the normal appearance of things, you start to ask yourself: Am I happy?

The other day on Instagram I chatted with a guy. He complained about his quality of life, not having money, without prospects and alluding to how much my life was better and how lucky I was. Above all he complained that he was penniless. I began to suggest solutions to him, but the more I suggested the more he answered: “it can not be done”. I began to think that he did not want to get out of his problems. This made me think, apparently people do not want to separate themselves from their problems.

Yes there are terrible things in life. Yes there are problems that we can not overcome. Each of us knows what is in our past. There is crime, social problems and a lack of work. So what?

The decision

Now you could say: “but I can not overcome them” “the problem is too big”, “I can not change the economy of my neighborhood alone”, “try Alex!”

What you need to do is decide what you want and you can solve the problem. Stop thinking that you are less fortunate than others. Grant Cardone in his 10X book says: Do not be a victim. the point of view of a victim is “things happen to me, instead of things happening because of me”.

So the first remedy to have a smile is: Decide to solve the problem. Do not live with it. Too many times I accepted the problem I had, without thinking that I could solve it. It cost me years of life, deep lacerations. But I can only blame myself for this. Being a victim does not help.


The state of mind

The state of mind is a very powerful weapon. Addressing a problem with the right spirit allows miracles. Sometimes it’s the only difference between succeeding and failing. It seems impossible but difficult as it may seem “enter enthusiasm” allows the thing to succeed better. You decide that you are passionate, that you like the problem and that is a challenge that you can accept (this is the attitude you have in have in sports). The difference between work and free time is all there. You have not decided your job, so you suffer it, while you’ve decided on your hobbies, so you have a different attitude.

When I say enthusiasm I do not mean that good-natured and positivism that is mediocre, sterile and bad.

A problem is important because:

  1. When you overcome it you become better. You understood the logic of the problem, by overcoming it. It will improve you.  You will not have the same problem again. (have you noticed that life seems to present only problems that “you do not know” how to solve?)
  2. You can really measure your value to yourself. It is the crucial moment when you decide on your own whether you have courage or not.
  3. You eel that you are really living when you overcome a problem. How much do you know about life on a sofa in front of the TV as opposed to being in the forefront with real problems?

The problems are real diamonds. Because an important aspect is hidden in them: happiness (when they are overcome). Knowing this can give you the enthusiasm you were looking for.

Stop being critical of yourself. Do not be your own hater.


And this is the true illness of the twenty-first century. You are the enemy of yourself by continuing to feed negative sentences against yourself. What would you think if your best friend told you: “Ei but you can not solve it”. “The problem is too big for you”, “You’re not nice enough”, etc …

So why do you allow yourself to tell you these things? I myself must use a great mental force, to not allow myself to be told a lot of nonsense.

We all have flaws. But this does not authorize us to harm us. When I understood this I began to write, to publish photos of myself or video.

What happened to me in a few months? I have reached more than 10,000 followers on instagram, I opened my blog and I started creating videos on YouTube.

I stopped telling myself bad things of all kinds. This is what we all do every day. We believe in a bunch of nonsense. If I look at my videos or my photos are still very critical. I look at my faults only.

Exposing yourself to others is never easy, that’s why a right approach helps a lot. So become your first fan of yourself.

Improve every day

Improve yourself. Some criticisms can be used to improve. For example. small physical problems can be improved.
You can improve your posture, you can learn to be more elegant. To take care of you. Study and learn the things you want to know. There is no better happiness than solving problems with knowledge (this is also taken from the art of war).

The sad truth…

People nowadays look at you physically. Even if you are a charming person inside people will not give you credit if you can not cure your appearance.

So whether you want it or not you have to learn to take care of yourself, your appearance, your clothes.

The importance of smiling.

Smiling is not an easy thing to do. Yet it is one of the greatest natural remedies. When everything goes wrong, learn to smile. Learn to laugh.

It does not mean being stupid. Really learn, even with effort, to laugh. Dedicate every day some time to … laugh.

Do not mock. Simply laugh. What will happen? Maybe nothing. But little by little you feel lighter. It’s something that few can do. It requires exercise because it is too simple. Laughter is therapeutic. Watch a video that makes you laugh. Smile as much as you can. little by little you will feel that you can really do it. You’ll be really smiling.


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I hope this motivational article will help you and I hope I made you smile.

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