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If it’s the first time you’re visiting my blog, welcome. Otherwise, welcome back! I’m really happy with the response I have received from previous articles, because they got really positive feedback and the community is growing, with more and more people following my Instagram page and this blog.

Today I decided to write an article to offer an immediate starting point on how to improve one’s appearance. If you find yourself here, you have probably asked yourself this question. “What is the reason you should want to improve your appearance?”

The most obvious reason could be to look for a partner. But it is certainly not the only reason. Maybe you’ve just realized that something about your appearance has to change, or maybe your friends or colleagues dress more interestingly.

Personally, I believe that people with better looks are given more attention. It’s not just a case of feeling good about yourself. Your appearance is valuable only if you are in contact with other people.

Do you want to create a better perception of yourself to others, but do not know how? Do you want to feel better when you leave the house? Do you want to become more attractive, and are you looking for practical solutions to achieve this? Have you ever felt, for example, better for a day or two with new clothes?

If you are interested in any suggestions on how to improve your appearance, keep reading. Before starting, however, I want to remind you that you can subscribe to my blog, so you do not miss future articles. Subscribe here.

How to improve your appearance

This article will discuss some simple guidelines that you could follow to improve your appearance, and these tips are tailored especially for men. They are basic principles that will help to create your own style and improve clothing combinations.

The other day, I read on Facebook a post that I really liked. It was almost like this: “It is said that behind every great man there is a great woman, but we must know that women only follow the winners”. This made me smile. Good looks will not automatically help you win, but it will make you feel better.

How to dress well men

Dress your size

how to find the right size
How to find the right size.

A fundamental step at the basis of dressing is knowing one’s size. This instantly allows you to have a better look. It seems a trivial thing, but it is far from it. Very often, if the size is not right, what you communicate to others is a certain visual disorder (in addition to the inconvenience of a poor fit).

By knowing your size, you also save time in choosing the right clothes. I spent years not knowing my size, so I always took 3 or 4 pants with me for a fitting.

The first secret to dressing well is knowing and buying the right size. To know what the size is, you need to measure your body, and compare it with reference tables. Here is a guide on the Adidas website.

Discover your colors

Depending on your skin tone and the color of your hair, you should find out which colors are better and which are unsuitable for you. It’s a simple thing to do, and must be done at least once in your lifetime. On my Instagram page, I recently published some photos suitable for my colors.

How to use the tone:

If your colors are warm, warm colors will do you good (yellow, red, brown, Khaki, beige, etc.)
If your colors are neutral, you may feel good wearing both warm and cold shades.
If your colors are cold, blue, purple, navy and green will be better.

Understand the contrast and similarity

Ecco come due fantasie diverse si combinano assieme per contrasto
Here’s how two different fantasies combine by contrast.

Contrast and similarity are important concepts to understand, because they can help you make your look more interesting. They are two powerful factors which can make or break an outfit. When you combine patterns, it is important to know the contrast and similarity.


Contrast is the result of the combination of different colors, materials, styles and textures.

The definition itself says that contrast allows us to create a visual interest. It is used when you want to interrupt a rhythm and focus on a piece of clothing.

Color contrast is the functional combination of colors, secondary to the primary color. E.g. blue with red.
Contrast of texture is the functional combination of very different patterns. E.g. flowers with micro lines.
Contrast of materials is the successful combination of different fabrics. E.g. jeans with leather.


Similarity, on the other hand, is the affinity of color, texture and materials. Using similarity allows you to create a less conspicuous outfit, and avoid the clown effect.

Use the accessories

Accessories amplify your look, a watch, some bracelets, rings and necklaces. Personally, I do not like too many accessories. I often use a computer, and wearing rings, bracelets and watches creates an annoyance.

Keep your shoes always clean

What would you say about a person whose shoes are dirty? The question that I always ask myself is: “Alex, would you buy an insurance policy from a person with dirty shoes?” I would certainly ask some questions first.

Shoes must always be clean. Especially leather shoes or white shoes. Take a few minutes in the evening to clean the leather of your shoes. This will immediately extend the lifespan and protect your investment. A good pair of shoes can also be costly. It is easier to keep shoes clean than to buy new ones every week.

Another very useful tip is to use wooden shoehorns. The wood will absorb the sweat and keep the shape of the shoe.

Find out how to combine patterns in matching clothes

The patterns must be matched by contrast. The reason is that if the patterns are too similar, they will make the juxtaposition discordant.

So, a simple rule is to combine the most different patterns, and to minimize the juxtaposition of similar motifs.

Cut your hair regularly

There is no better impact than always having neat hair and a trimmed beard. A well-groomed look will also increase the trust people have in you. They will recognize your self-respect, and notice that you put effort into maintaining a good appearance.

I recently reviewed Ted’s Grooming Room, because I experienced good service at an acceptable price.

Clean your nails

Cleaning your nails includes cutting your nails regularly and washing your hands several times a day. Often, as men, we think that well-looked-after hands are an indication of femininity. I perceive it differently. I like to see clean, well-treated hands, even on a male.

A problem I had is that I used to bite my nails so badly that some nights I would go to bed with aching fingers, and skin torn by my teeth. When the body heals the injured part, it creates a slightly harder layer of skin, which bothered me even more, and caused me to remove the skin further.

Sometimes I was so ashamed of my hands that I did not display them at all, especially during a business meeting. I eventually managed to solve the problem with willpower, but I really struggled, I must admit.

Drink lots of water

Personally, I was never a person who drank a lot of water. I changed this when I started taking a 1.5-liter water bottle to school every day, and trying to finish the bottle completely. Within a week, my hair was more beautiful, acne was gone and my skin seemed more alive.

There are apps that have the sole purpose of reminding you to drink water at specific times, which can help you to get into the habit of drinking water more frequently.

I drink a lot in the morning, and stop at about 4 p.m. to avoid having to wake up during the night to use the restroom.

Stop smoking

It goes without saying that smoking has horrific and damaging effects on the body. Instead of getting into that, I would prefer to focus on how you can quit. I used to smoke as a boy, and I carried this weight on my shoulders for several years.

I solved this problem thanks to a book called “It’s easy to stop smoking: if you know how to do it”.

I bought the book at a gas station when I was heading home after the summer holidays. I had been on holiday in Croatia with friends. The weather was very unpleasant and so we spent a lot of time at home (smoking). I read the cover at the gas station, and in that moment I realized that I had a problem, and that I wanted to solve it.

It did not happen by chance; I tried several times and I failed. But in the end I did it. Now I have neither the need nor the desire to pollute my body voluntarily.

Use vitamins

Vitamins are an important aspect for the human body. They are not a replacement for food, but are an integral part of nutrition, and helps to combat tiredness. I purchase vitamins monthly from this site. I recommend taking them over breakfast, and not in the evening before going to bed.

This is the website I use to buy vitamins.

Get rid of your double chin

Get rid of your double chin

Nowadays, it is very easy and economical to get rid of a double chin. Read this article about it. I was able to change my jawline completely in only two weeks.


Try to put these points into practice one at a time. When you feel you have successfully implemented one point, move on to the next one.

Take a photography of yourself right now. Evaluate the elements of this list one by one, and identify which of these points is not optimal. When you have applied all these points, take another photograph. Look at the before and after, and send me the result.

Do you want to participate? Leave me a comment here.

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