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How to get more attention to your face by using colors

Hey, are you a businessman struggling by trying to find how to put together your outfits?

Or maybe you just want to look better but you are so afraid to fail… And have no idea why people, that are dressed well, have better opportunities in their careers.

Color helps you to grab the attention, become more magnetic and mesmerizing. And attention is money. That’s why fashion is a billion-dollar industry worldwide.

This article is part of my series about gentleman’s guide to style, in which I show you how these pieces of information are useful to gain more authority and appeal. Putting outfits together is essential.

Check out this video about this subject

Today I’m talking about color combinations for clothes and by the end of this video, you will understand the purpose of the color, how to choose the right contrast based on your face and how to put together an outfit without effort.

These fashion tips are priceless and can be applied immediately with zero effort, they can reveal your true potential and show you how you can get your interpersonal relationships to the next level by just applying simple methods.

The purpose of the color

Attenzione sul volto
The outfit helps to get the attention to the face

Probably the most interesting thing about the color combination is to understand the real purpose of it. Yes, color has a specific purpose. You don’t just wear something because you like it. You wear something because you want to convey attention to your face.

Color should enhance your face, and for that reason is a personal affair. You can’t copy-paste it from others. 

The combination of colors for a man has the aim of bringing attention to the face and not on the outfit. 

Since color has a specific meaning in classic elegance, the information that I am going to share with you is primarily related to smart casual outfits.

For example, following classic elegance rules, brown and khaki colors are considered sports colors and you should never wear them other than in a countryside context. 

That’s not the case of smart casual (or business casual), where there’s more freedom of expression, less formality and more room for “mistakes”.

Smart Casual Outfit

Does the color that you are wearing right now bring attention to your face? Well… We need more information to answer properly to that question.

You got the first piece, let’s go straight to the second important one.

Contrast and similarity

This is another powerful concept, let me explain it properly. Contrast and similarity are two powerful ways to start combining clothes.

With the “contrast” approach, you will try to combine garments that create enough contrast together.

On the other hand, with the “similarity” approach, you will focus on combining garments by similar elements such as texture, pattern, and fabric. One is the opposite of the other.

Both approaches are good. The only way to use them wrong is by not having enough contrast or not having enough similarity. 

If you commit this mistake you will end up with an average look without personality.

All right. So far so good.

Now, look at your face in the mirror. How is the contrast between the tone of your skin and your hair? Is it High contrast? Is it Low contrast?

If your face is low contrast, and you wear high contrast garments, the focus will shift from your face to your clothes. The human eye is more attracted to things that stand out. So your face will lose importance.

If your face is high contrast then you will try to match it with a high contrast color combination.

If your face is low contrast, then don’t try to wear too much contrast.

This is a very cool subject, right? 

Neutral colors: the fastest way to put together an outfit

Finally, we are approaching a group of colors that will help you choose the color combinations for your clothes.

You can mix and match this group of colors without any problem: it’s a perfect scheme for you because it’s easy, simple and reliable all the time.

The colors are black, white, gray, brown, light blue, navy blue, khaki, and olive green.

Neutral Colors

Mix without any problem these colors as a general rule.

Outfit ideas

Here some examples of how you can use these colors and have some inspiration. 

Neutral colors are amazing: you can mix and match them with your personal style.

To bring attention to your face, combine neutral colors that have a similar or less contrast of your face.

So this is all for today. If you have some interesting tips that I’ve missed in this article please share it in the comments. 

That’s all for today…

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