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Khaki Pants For Men: An Ultimate Guide

Khaki flat-fronted pants are the standard casual alternative for jeans. It’s a guaranteed everlasting piece of your wardrobe. Khaki pants for men are one of the things that every guy should have. In this simple guide, you will discover the beautiful story behind it and what makes this garment great, even today.

What color is khaki?

Khakis are a generic casual cotton chinos pants in a specific dun color. The term means dust-colored (mud) in Persian.

Definition of Khakis

Although there are different slight tone variations, it refers to a sandy, mud color.

Khaki pants for men are usually associated with the United States Army they adopted them as their uniform color during the second world war and later to university students: the preppy style of 1950. The real story though, starts 100 years before, where the British army recognizes that white uniforms were a great disadvantage on war campaigns, so they decided to use mud-colored clothes.

The US Army officially adopted khaki at the beginning of 1900 as a part of the uniform worn by naval aviators. Because of the comfort, the function, and the great versatility they became very soon popular. Even after the war veterans wanted to wear them in civilian life.

Companies decided to produce and make some money out of this success. Levi’s launched its first Khakis in 1902.

Old levi's ad

Preppy Style

Considering that jeans were forbidden on campus environments, soon they became the uniform of students that were doing preparatory school for famous colleges.

Prep style for students

Along with the button-down collar shirt and penny loafers, khakis pants became the uniform of students: the preppy style was born.

An advertising promoting levi's chinos to student's
An advertising promoting levi’s chinos to student’s

Levi’s made a nice article about 15 Facts About the Khaki Pant where they also list some interesting facts worth the read.

Famous people that where wearing Khakis pants

The Origin of Khakis is also great content worth the lecture and you should read it.

What to wear with khaki pants

Khaki pants for men are one of the most versatile garments in the world. it works very well with everything that is made of cotton or chambray. But you can literally wear shirts, t-shirts, polos, etc.

Relaxed khaki pants

These pants are made with a thicker fabric, for everyday work. less designed for blazers, neckties, and more elegant outfits. They are usually low waist.

Relaxed khaki pants

Casual khaki pants

They usually look very thin and easy to wear. Their characteristic is comfort over elegance. They are perfect with t-shirts, casual shirts, sneakers and so on.

Casual khaki pants

Elegant khaki pants

This is the perfect model for business casual style. They are perfect with polo shirts, blazers, and even loafers.

Elegant khaki pants

What color shirt goes with khaki pants

Although Khakis color is part of the neutral colors table, virtually any color and variation can suit khaki pants thanks to its nature.

That’s why is a key component of your wardrobe. Take a look at these examples.

Do you need more inspiration on Khakis outfit for men? Here is my Pinterest board

What is the right fit?

A very interesting video about chinos should fit.

As we said before, there are several varieties of khakis pants fits, from slim to skinny to relaxed. Fit is very important because it can enhance your look or ruin it. But the standard rules apply to them all.

Like with all pants, you want the waist to fit perfectly so you don’t have to wear a belt. They should sit between the mid to upper hip bone.

Flat-Front models are better for people that are in good shape, while pleated are better for people with belly fat.

Flat-Front models vs pleated
Flat-Front models

Your chinos shouldn’t be too tight across the back, or too loose that they sag. They should sit comfortably, but not too tight that your knees struggle with the fabric.

The length depends on your height but opts for the no-break length in order for the chinos to fit into both casual and formal looks.

A Guide to Pant Breaks and Proper Pant Length
A Guide to Pant Breaks and Proper Pant Length 

What shoes to wear with khaki pants?

As mentioned before, khaki chino pants are a key element of your wardrobe. They can support a large variety of styles.

what shoes goes with khaki pants
This is a proof on how incredible Khakis color is. You can use Black, Navy, Brown, and white with a huge variety of formal level

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Best khaki pants

I think Dockers holds first place for best options;

Final notes

It’s very easy to choose khaki chinos pants, and it should be a garment that every guy should have. Because it is something that you could wear potentially every day, choose wisely which one you like the most and which one represents your look better.Finally,

Finally, if you want to be on top of the color game check this out:

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