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Let’s save men, description of the project and regulations

Description of the project

For the launch of my YouTube channel I thought to involve you all. On my channel and on my blog I help men with advice about style, clothing and above all how to make them more pleasant for women.

Some time ago I started asking women: What is the most annoying thing about men? The answers were so beautiful and hilarious that I decided to make my next video with you.

“Let’s Save Men” will be realized through all your ideas. I decided to make 10 mini sitcoms based on your answers to this question.

The aim is to create a funny video that teaches men what not to do. 😀. I especially address you women..

What you need then is that you answer the only question. Anyone who participates will be cited in the credits (if desired). The video will be published on my YouTube channel after it has been made.

What is the question to answer:

“What’s the most annoying thing about men?” The answer can be drawn from your real experiences, from what you know. I prefer complex, articulate answers. But every answer is valid. Both men and women can respond. Vulgar, sexist answers will be rejected, with reference to race or discrimination (in this case the person will also be banned from my social networks).

Where you can leave an answer to the question to participate in the realization of “Save the men”:

The time available for voting is from today November 21st until December 1st.

How to vote for answers?

After December 1, just go to this site: and vote for the best answers. there will be another 7 days to vote (from 1 to 7 December).



give away action camera
give away action camera

What should you do to participate in the Give Away?

As I mentioned in the video I want to give away an action cam. I will send it to the winner. These are the things I ask for in order to win the action cam.

✔ Subscribe to my youtube channel
✔ leave a comment to the video answering the question: “What is the most annoying thing about men?”, or in this post or on Instagram.
✔ Share the video on your social networks at least once.
✔ Subscribe to my Instagram page
✔ Subscribe to my blog newsletter here

We will choose the person who does all of the above, gives the most answers and shares the video the most. And whose answers wins the most votes on

Common questions

  • How many times can you answer the question? as often as you want.
  • Who can participate? Anyone, women and men aged 13 and up.
  • You have to pay? No. But if you want, yes (I’m joking).
  • To get the prize you must send me your physical address.

I look forward to seeing you in this project.

Hello my name is Alex, welcome to my blog. I believe that every man can transform himself and become the person he has always wanted to be. If you like my articles subscribe to the newsletter and join in the community I'm creating. I wish you to become the man you want to be.

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