Martial Attitude: The echo of the East in London

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Do you want to know a fresh project, in contrast to the lack of creativity of the industry of fashion without soul? I present the Martial Attitude brand.

I knew this project closely because I participated as a brand ambassador to the advertising campaign.

Martial Attitude is a fashion and design project that aims  to spread the style and elegance of oriental martial arts masters in the western world. Actually Martial Attitude is an ecosystem of ideas to which Mathias Alberton (designer and advocate) has been actively participating for many years.
This project has intrinsic many cultures and symbols and interweaves them in itself as if at a higher level its author was composing a deeper plot.

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In a world where fashion is a multinational homologation, the ideas behind this innovative adventure are clear to concrete and worth knowing.

Martial attitude clothes

Martial arts are balance, controlled aggression, knowledge of oneself and the adversary. The set of concepts that are part of it are distilled in these clothes that recall its essence. You do not need to practice martial arts to wear these clothes, as you do not need to be an airplane pilot to wear aviator jackets.

This project is therefore dedicated to men (and women) of class and elegance who want to express their inner balance.

Ethics and aesthetics

The principles of this project are ethics, that is the sustainability of the project, the transparency of a fashion that is healthy and good. But also aesthetic because it follows the lines of the Orient.
This concept of ethics and aesthetics comes from ancient Greece, where what was aesthetic was not considered frivolous. To be aesthetic, it also had to be ethical.
Ethics is the inner balance that makes people conscious beings. This is how the best of man’s developed philosophies meets martial arts, which are the ultimate expression of self-control and inner balance.

Italy and London

The project is totally Italian but its embryonic environment is London, a city with a thousand opportunities. The choice of fabrics is countercurrent: not acrylic, not plastic but organic and therefore sustainable. Olive wood buttons. Light but at the same time resistant and aesthetic garments.

The West and the East

The beauty of the garments lies in the conjunction between the pure and sacred art of the Eastern martial arts with the technological life of the West.
A union whose contrast is a good harmony. the range of products consists of: Complete Martial, and Kimopolo, an innovative pole of a Kickstarter campaign.

Men and women

The garments are designed for both men and women, although initially Kimopolo was designed mainly on women’s lines.

Elegance and sport

A difficult combination, but that in my opinion is widely expressed. the motto of the Kimopolo is: elegant like a kimono, practical as a polo shirt. In my opinion, this concept is also expressed in clothes that are specifically designed for elegance and movement, allowing you to practice sport.


Martial Attitude Kimopolo

Currently we can find the Kimopolo in fundraising on kickstarter :  I invite you to follow the page and see the developments. At the time of writing this article, the fundraising 90% done.

One area of extreme interest for this project will be the world of yachting, with possible correlations between recreational navigation and life styles that these leaders suggest.

An extremely interesting aspect is the idea that these items of clothing, when worn out, can be returned and transformed into paper, thus creating a more sustainable ecosystem. Mathias is the designer and the “deus ex machina” of this project. He leads his Facebook page with assiduity, promoting his creation on a daily basis.

Be Ambassador for a day

I have not been paid for this item. It is my initiative to support an initiative that I found really interested.

I’ve also been a brand ambassador for a day and here’s the photo shoot signed by Gabriele Zemaityte . who also worked with Hunter Olmeda

I did a short interview with Mathias Alberton:

Mathias l'autore del progetto
Mathias the author of the project

Alex: What motivated you to create this project?

Mathias: I’ve always had a passion for fashion since I was young. Then as a teenager I was hypnotised by a television program called” Nonsolomoda . A weekly section of costume and lifestyle distributed late in the evening, I think Saturday night. I looked at this enamored and I liked all the worlds it described … many years later, about ten years ago, when I found myself creating the first piece of clothing, the linen suit, all those emotions were still there to push me well guarded of memory and matured over time.

Alex: Who inspired you in design?

Mathias: At the beginning of the 2000s I was very dedicated to the practice of martial arts, and not finding a piece of clothing that reflected my passion, I ended up creating it. Especially inspiring to travelers from the East, to the warriors of the wars of the past. The Zen suit in linen, for example, is inspired by the jacket from the blouses of the British Colonial Empire in India, while for the trousers I referred to those of the US Navy in the 40s.

Alex: What is the philosophy that supports it?

Mathias:  The underlying philosophy is movement, elegance, natural well-being. The three things interpenetrate and determine not only the lines, but also the way to interpret them, the reason for wearing them. I no longer wanted to wear sportswear made of plastic, but I also wanted to create wearable lines outside the purely sporting context. The spirit of the martialist well sums up these concepts, and is so strong and iconic that it appears clear even to those who have never practiced martial arts, instinctively.

Alex: How did you know Wing Chung

Mathias: I’ve always wanted to do Martial Arts, even as a child, but my mother did not want to. Once great, around 30 years old, starting to go to the gym, I started by chance to follow a course of Viet Vo Dao … totally invested. It saved my life, and allowed me to work on many unresolved issues. Then a colleague at work gave me a flyer (beautiful I still have) about Wing Chun lessons. Pure magic. Slowly I began to devote myself only to that of great passion.

Alex: how do you see yourself in 5 years?

Mathias:   The million-year-old question! I always see myself satisfied with myself in the mirror, strengthened by a working reality that I have built with my own hands and that gives me the opportunity to express my full potential, creative and organizational. In 5 years I see a solid foundation for the man I will be among 10. A vision that can be traveled, honest.

Alex: 5 people that you think are interesting

Mathias: Tom Cruise, Hayao Miyazaki, Margherita Hack, Rommel and General Patton (together they are worth one), Sifu Alberto Storari .

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