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Mens dress clothes color combinations

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If you are reading this guide on mens dress clothes color combinations, you have definitely found yourself in the situation of having to combine clothes or decide to buy an outfit but did not know where to start. The thing seemed confused: what color should the jacket have? The shoes? The accessories? Which pants will be better with that jacket? After a while of giving up, you’ve probably told yourself that you’re not that kind of complicated person, that you just need to wear simple things to feel good.

You certainly do not want to look eccentric, so set aside the idea of getting to know a little more about the subject, but then take it back at a later time, on an occasion of an outing among friends, or at a wedding. Feeling that you’re missing something. You are afraid of making mistakes and being ridiculed by someone else who knows these things better. Maybe you asked your partner for suggestions. By doing a web search you may have found some color guides, complicated elaborations that include the color wheel and things like that. Itten’s circle is fine, to know the complementary colors too. But are they frankly practical tools?

After reading this guide on color combinations you will be able to know which colors to match and above all, unlike other guides that are on the net, you will be able to choose independently with your head without having to consult any guide.

If you know how to match the colors it means that you know the shape of your body, this includes skincare and hair color and you know how to enhance the strengths of your appearance with the correct know-how, it is therefore not something for effeminate, but for professionals.

There is a very specific reason for deciding which colors to wear. It is worth discovering this information that is easy to learn and apply.

In all this confusion of colors, fabrics and styles, a man has to take into account only two things when he dresses: proportions and colors. Of the proportions I spoke of in a recent article, while today I want to deepen the topic of color.

Mens dress clothes color combinations

Following this guide you will be able to understand what the structural elements of color matching entail. At the end of this article you will know why you should wear a certain color and why you should avoid others.

At the end of the article you will understand why imitating others does not work. Ready to start? Let’s start. Quiet, you do not need to be some kind of specialist to understand what colors to use. Think of the tuxedo: a single color for one of the most elegant outfits that man has ever invented.

Key principles: the purpose of color

The purpose of color in clothes is not to follow some fashion, but to enhance your figure and in particular your face. The combination of colors for a man has therefore the aim of bringing the attention of the beholder on the face, not on the outfit as the face is the most important part of your figure.

Since the aim is to enhance the face, the part underneath the face (shirt, sweater, tie, etc.) is more important than shoes and trousers.

Attenzione sul volto

What is color?

Color (or tone) is light at a certain frequency that the brain processes in a visual stimulus. The brain therefore is involved in the processing of colors and is extremely prepared in identifying 2 things: contrast and similarity.

The contrast

The human eye is more attracted to things that stand out, the final result of the combination is an outfit that highlights your face. To know which color to wear you have to look at your face with the intention to understand the contrast between the tone of your skin and your hair.

In the example just made, the actor has a medium-low contrast between the tone of his face and his hair. In the second case the contrast is greater.

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Contrast is the difference in hue or intensity between two colors. Let’s see a practical example:


How much contrast does the color of your skin produce with your hair color? If the contrast produced is low, and dresses with a high contrast, the focus will be on your clothes. Low contrast means little difference between colors and intensities. A high contrast instead means an important difference between the colors.

If you have a low contrast you will have to avoid a strong contrast under the face, because the focus will be on the outfit. Be careful not to overdo it: light face, blond and too light clothes … You will become a ghost.

Outfit a basso contrasto


Similarity is a uniformity of tones, of elements. You have to combine clothes, fabric, colors or patterns to form a consistent, homogeneous whole.

Try to combine the shirt with the color of your hair, or the tie with the color of your eyes.

I colori usano la somiglianza dei colori del volto del modello

Contrast and resemblance are two powerful weapons. The only mistake you can make is to fall in the middle. Not too similar, not too contrasting.

The temperature

Finding the temperature is important because it makes you understand why for example a certain type of blue makes you feel good, while another makes you feel bad. Typically people belong to two categories: warm tones or cold tones. To find out which temperature your skin belongs to, follow this guide on the sub-skin tone. Once you have discovered at which temperature you belong, you will be able to direct yourself only to certain types of color. For example, if you find that brown with warm tones enhances your face, you will automatically not choose the other green one.

Cold and warm tones

On the left the warm tones while on the right the cold tones


The cold tones are those characterized by a dominant blue, while the warm tones from red / yellow. Although they are clearly distinguishable at the ends (left and right), there are intermediate color zones that are similarly cold and warm.

For example, green can have a blue direction, as well as a yellow direction. For every color there are in fact many gradations, which are mixed with warm and cold colors. the balanced colors are those colors that have a correct proportion between warm and cold tones.

The colors that are good for everyone are balanced colors. So how to choose colors for men? Here is a practical solution: if you do not want to struggle, choose balanced colors.

Here is a list of balanced colors:

colori bilanciati

Where to start to match men’s colors

First rule: never combine colors that are too bright, choose softer or more pastel colors instead. The bright colors if moderates, however, tend to rejuvenate, so make good use.

abbinamento uomo rosso e verde
To avoid the Christmas effect. Even if the colors are joined together well (red and green are complementary) they are too bright.

Second rule: combines “neutral” colors, ie those colors that can be combined with each other without problems.

Colori neutri uomo

In this article I have deepened the colors to combine with gray.

matching colors blue and brown man clothes
matching colors clothes man black gray and blue

Match the fantasies

There are not only flat colors in clothes, but also fantasies. It is worth studying this topic a little bit. A very simple general rule is to focus more on contrast than on resemblance. Similar shapes will become a visual problem, while the very different shapes will combine with harmony.

Above the combination works, because the design, although similar, is opposed by the difference
In this fantasy the combination does not work, because the design of an element is not so different from the other


Color combination for clothes and shoes

For your convenience I reported a table with the color of shoes to wear depending on the type of suit.


Because you do not have to imitate others

Because you are unique, and I do not say this in a motivational sense, your physical characteristics are only yours. In this guide we talked about dressing according to the contract of your visa, the colors of your face, the sub tone and based on the typical colors for men.

The fact of being men also simplifies the choice of colors. In short if you do not know where to start: discover a single color that matches your face well (choose from the basic colors). According to that, choose a color to match according to the processes we have talked about, following the contrast and resemblance. You should not have difficulty.

Let me know if you have any questions. and if you want to send me your combinations. Leave a comment below.




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  1. This article helped me so much! I’ve bookmarked this page so that I can locate it again easily. The information about the face contrasts and matching fantasies was particularly helpful to me. I have often experienced days when I just don’t feel as though I look good even when I’m wearing a great outfit. Understanding the contrasts now is going to make outfit selection so much more exciting. Thank you, Alex!

    • Thank you so much! Your message is so encouraging, I’m so glad you found it useful. Thank you

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