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Men’s skin care

Having a perfect face is the desire of many men. Knowing how to get it is however far from easy. All of us men share some problems: dry skin, oily skin, signs of aging, damage caused by the sun … Personally I did not have a real routine and even ignored the basics. So I decided to interview two professionals in the sector: Toni and Amanda for Obagi Medical Products, in order to offer solutions and answers to others regarding skin care.

In this article you will find out how to take care of the skin on the face, how to make up for cracked skin, how to cope with oily skin, as a skin care routine, and some facial products (for men).

The interview is in English, with subtitles in Italian. Here are the questions I asked:

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The first two minutes are in Italian 🇮🇹. However, the interview is in English, so activate the subtitles. If you do not know how to do it, look this guide.

Some of the products for the face recommended in the video:


To purchase the products visit this site


Here some useful links:

Do you have any further questions for Toni and Amanda? Write them down or visit their social networks.



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