Vlog #1. February in New York, are you crazy?

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New York Vlog

This is my Vlog di New York: Alicia Keys, Tina Knowles (Beyoncé’s mother) Richard Lawson, Billy Porter, Alan Flusser. They are some of the celebrities we met on this trip to New York,

This is the first part of the vlog in New York 2019. But who goes to February in New York?

Stacy Francis and me…A bit ‘for work a bit’ for vacation we are immersed in the hectic activity of the city of New York.

The Vlog is divided into 5 parts, where we participated in a private event with Alicia Keys, I met Billy Porter, and Interviewed Alan Flusser.

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5 Parts, one every week! This is the arrival in New York.

Enjoy the first Vlog # 1

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