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I have wanted to cut my hair here in London for a while. Going to the hairdresser is a personal ritual, which hardly leads you to choose someone else. It’s that kind of service that hardly changes.
Moving here, this was my first experience. My last experience was in Los Angeles and Tampa in the United States. This article is aimed at those who are looking for a hairdresser in London and are willing to receive any advice.

My problem: I have very delicate skin. I suffer from a slight dermatitis. Any type of aggressive shampoo tends to irritate the scalp. As if this were not enough I tend to have dry hair at the tips and oily at the root. Not to mention the fact of having thin hair. A real disaster!

So I’m very wary of leaving my head in the hands of strangers.

Walking through my neighborhood I found Ted’s grooming Room , a chain of hairdressers / barbers related to the clothing brand Ted Baker. The reviewed place is at Canary Wharf Churchill Place.


I was intrigued by the design of the room, the vintage style of the environment. It gave me the idea of being a professional place and so I discarded other competitors that I was examining. As soon as I set foot in the room I immediately asked for the price, because I was not willing to spend much.

The place was not very crowded, having chosen a strategic time (9:30 am time when 90% of people are in the office) and a person was immediately ready to receive me.

The radio was playing Son Of A Preacher Man of Dusty Springfield, as I immersed more and more into the chair and through the mirror in front of me I watched the space with vague Turkish features that reminded me of an American vintage shop.

This mix of intertwined cultures is typical of London and I particularly love it.

The hairdresser who was looking after me asked me if I wanted coffee and served me a cup of Turkish coffee, anticipating that it would be strong. I replied that I was Italian and that strong coffee does not exist.

Turkish coffee at the Ted's grooming Room
Turkish coffee at the Ted’s grooming Room

I showed the reference image of my cut (I had shown it in a story on Instagram) and he said without particular emotions that could be done. Then we proceeded with the ritual.

Massages to the skin and to the arms were articulated to the cut. While this was happening I thought the bill would skyrocket (I remember a $160 breakfast I had at the Beverly Wilshire hotel in Beverly Hills).

The cut was almost completed and the hairdresser suddenly prepared an instrument with a small live flame, explaining that it would be used it to eliminate the micro hairs of the ears 😳.

At the time of paying, I was asked about £ 30 which I gladly paid by offering tip. I realized that the intrinsic value of something is also derived from the set of secondary services that are offered. I would not have written a review for the only haircut, if it had not been accompanied by all the rest (for example the treatment with warm towels on the face).

Why a Ted’s grooming Room review

I felt really great because the experience in general was really positive and there were perks I did not expect. I’m glad to have such a service near my home. I want to clarify that I have not been paid for this.

Il locale Ted's Grooming Room a Canary Wharf
Il locale Ted’s Grooming Room a Canary Wharf

What were the positive points?

  • The quality of service in relation to price.
  • Coffee served
  • Arm massages
  • Small extra services such as eyebrow cleansing.
  • The products used are affordable and look very good

What were the negative points?

  • The reservation has an over price of £ 8 so to avoid you have to go to the store and wait.

I hope you enjoyed this little review, if you have been there leave your comment below. I also leave you some useful links:

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