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The knowledge I wish I had about men’s fashion

I just released a video about were to get knowledge about men’s fashion and how to evaluate it.

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There is a lot of content out there about men’s style and fashion. With all this content available for free, no surprises It looks like a jungle and you probably end up thinking that is a matter of point of view.

It can throw you into confusion…

This video is the knowledge I wish I had about men’s fashion since I was a teenager. There are millions of pieces of information. Which one is the right one for you? Who you should trust? Is there a right or wrong answer about men’s fashion and style?

Let’s find out what to throw in the garbage that is not relevant to you.

Two kinds of rules in men’s fashion

There are two kinds of rules in men’s fashion: General rules and specific rules. Rules are guidelines to help you stand out, and they are meant to give direction. General rules are broad, they can be applied 90% of the time. they provide non-specific guidance.

Example: you should wear socks that cover your ankles as a general rule. But what about wearing loafers in summer? You should not wear socks at all. That’s the specific rule.

So, specific rules are, as you see, not broad. They are applied in specific cases and they are changing or modifying general rules.

Rules are meant to be a guide.

Now check this out: the more formal your outfit is, the more you need to care about style rules.

There is actually a scale of formality

Every single rule about men’s fashion is relative to the level of formality.  There is absolutely no formality on going to buy some food. You can wear whatever you want. But what about the interview for our new job? Your first appointment?

On the other side, not every day we need to go to a cocktail party with the Queen Of England so it’s easier to create outfits without being so peculiar about rules. 

Colors, patterns, and materials are involved in the scale of formality. I will talk about it more in a specific video.

How do we compare pieces of information and avoid confusion?

Truth needs to be told. The number of Followers is not a sign of knowledge. You already know this. But surely it, not damage, will go over it again. It happens that channels very big don’t give you good information. 

Their goal might not inform you but just entertain you. There are channels like “alpha m.” or “teaching men fashion” for the masses.  Their content is focused on informal outfits. It suits most of the people because of the majority of the people.

Is there a way to evaluate their information and develop your own mindset? I made up a little checklist to help you and have a tool to evaluate information from others. 

Ask yourself: are they talking about the same level of formality? When someone says something, are we talking about tips to go to the supermarket or to have breakfast with the Queen?

What is the level of expertise of this person? You can easily understand the quality of information that someone provides you. There is peace of information that is very important and others don’t. 

Who is this person primarily talking to? Because, well, kids are dressing in a different way than men. So the person might talk with teenagers and you are not anymore.

Is the person trying to sell me something? Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The bigger is the channel and the more probably the person is telling you something because he is pitching a product.

Why? Because it’s hard to say no to a juicy paycheck. 

With all this in mind, try to make your own idea before starting to apply the information that you learn online. Even with my content.

I will give you information about men’s styles that you can apply or just let it go. But do me a favor and develop your own mindset. You need to study, understand, apply and do not simply follow. 

Be a smart Follower. Let me know if you liked this video, and let’s continue the conversation in the comments. 

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