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What color matches with gray: the definitive guide

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Knowing what color matches with gray allows you to add vitality to “a color” that is not a color, but a neutral color. Uncertainty in the use of gray is easy to deal with if you know the following rules. But there is more about that. There is one particular thing that you need to be aware of.

Knowing what color matches with gray will always allow you to be at ease. In fact, gray can be used both in elegant settings and in informal situations, in summer and in winter. It’s a winning weapon that can give you a really sophisticated look.

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This article focuses on how to match the colors of the clothes. From light gray to anthracite gray, knowing which colors to combine gray will allow you to have a versatile wardrobe and always wear the right colors. Since the real gray is not found within the the color circle of Itten I want to give you some suggestions for choosing the color scheme to associate with it.

So here are some style tips to match the gray to other shades to keep in mind. Before you start, I remind you that you can subscribe to my newsletter for free.

What color matches with gray

The gray color is the result of the interaction between black and white. So keep things simple. White shirt and black trousers are perfect because you are not straying far from the color gray. Matching black and white colors will never be a mistake.

The gray will also allow you to get rid of attention.

But we must distinguish the different types of gray: lead gray (ie light gray) and anthracite gray (dark gray).


A destra un completo estivo color piombo , mentre a destra un completo invernale color antracite ( Brunello Cucinelli )
On the right a full-color summer lead gray suit, while on the right an anthracite winter suit (Brunello Cucinelli)


General rule of the color to match with gray

Read carefully: although I have just said that gray is a neutral color, it is not always true. Sometimes the fabric includes yellow, blue or orange tones.

When you’re trying to match a color with gray, try to look closely at the fabric, perhaps next to a white background. Look good in natural light (sunlight) to see which shades are present in your gray.

Osserva da vicino il grigio
Look closely at the gray, it is not always neutral.

This will give you a good starting point to work from when you try to match your gray – if it is yellow, do not associate the blue, better choose a green or a red.

Likewise, if it’s more of a blue undertone, you’re safe with the colors of the blue spectrum: navy blue, royal, turquoise, purple etc …

If it is truly a neutral gray, you can match almost any color, but you get a better color impact by combining light gray with dark colors and darker gray with lighter colors: the contrast attracts attention.

Let’s analyze what to combine with light gray and what to combine with dark gray separately.

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Colors to match with light gray (lead)

Light gray is better suited to daytime situations, it is perfect for working environments. Attention is not indicated for the evening. Pastel colors will adapt very well to light gray.

Light gray and blue. Match light gray to light blue or navy blue. The effect is beautiful. The contrast color is brown.

colori da abbinare al grigio chiaro
In the image above you can see a light gray suit , one with light gray trousers and a casual outfit with jeans. Another idea is to combine a light gray jacket with navy blue trousers and a white shirt.

Light gray with white / black. Try to match a light gray suit with a white or black shirt, two colors that are inside the gray. The match will be very good. The shoes will be black.

Light gray and brown. Using a light gray suit, you can wear a brown shoe, belt and tie. Also in this case the effect will be very interesting.

Pairings with accent colors (tie type) can exist using green, pink and burgundy red.

Here is a collection of combinations taken from my Pinterest profile:

Colors to match with dark gray (anthracite)

Dark gray is among the most versatile colors, suitable for all seasons, even if primarily perfect for winter. It’s fine both day and night.

Dark gray and brown. Even the dark gray will blend well with the Sienna.

Dark gray lends itself to combinations with burgundy red.

Grigio scuro e rosso
Dark gray and red

Dark gray and blue. Even for light gray, the combination with the blue is beautiful.

Grigio scuro e blu navy
Dark gray and navy blue


Here is a collection of combinations taken from my Pinterest profile:


Try to combine gray to light green, olive green, pink Crimson or electric blue.

Colors to match with gray trousers

The gray trousers follow the same combinations we talked about previously.

Colors to match with the gray coat

The gray coat is very common. Consider the coat in relation to trousers and shoes. You can use a dark gray coat, with black trousers, with light trousers, and jeans.

History and definition of gray

The color gray is a particular color that communicates intermediate sensations between black and white, more or less accentuated. It is a low-contrast color and therefore will allow you to blend in with it. It is the intermediate color par excellence and therefore, thanks to this characteristic, it is very suitable for many occasions. If you have to buy your first suit you will probably choose the color gray for this particularity. In the Middle Ages gray was the color of servants, of workers. Colored clothes were more expensive because they were more difficult to produce and therefore reserved for higher-ranking people.

Today it is a sophisticated, beautiful and simple color. That’s why OO7 dresses gray.

Il grigio in 007
The gray in 007

Fifty Shades of Gray

A few years ago the film “Fifty shades of gray” was published. In my opinion, gray was chosen for some interesting reasons: gray is the color of the eyes of ice (without feelings) of the protagonist, is the intermediate between white and black (between good and evil?), Is the surname of the protagonist and is the color of the business.

Not bad uh?


I would like to help you with your style. Gray is really easy to match. On my Instagram page I also propose outfits with different styles and colors. Let me know in a comment how you can use gray.



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